Snow Plowing Schedule

children playing outside on a snowy day

The town of Cheverly has 18 single lanes equaling 36 two-lane miles of asphalt roads to clear during snow removal operations. The town has prioritized these streets by truck in terms of primary and secondary streets.

Snow schedule
Primary streets – these streets receive first attention during snow removal operations.  It is the goal of the town to clear primary streets and have these passable before moving onto other responsibilities (cheverly avenue – forest road – parkway – crest avenue – Belleview avenue – 63rd Avenue – 64th avenue – 62nd avenue – state street – Lydell road)

Secondary streets – once primary streets have been cleared; secondary streets will be plowed. It is the goal of the town to provide passage on secondary streets before backtracking to primary streets for widening operations. Once secondary streets have passage and primary streets are widened, secondary streets will be widened.

Parking restrictions
During a snow emergency no person shall park any vehicle as follows:

  • On the cul-de-sac portion of any street
  • On any courts
  • On the even-numbered side of all streets, unless the even-numbered side is posted no parking.
  • Exception - on the odd-numbered side of 59th Avenue and one block of Inwood st. Between cheverly avenue & Belleview Avenue