Trash & Recycling

Garbage Truck


Regular schedule    
Containers not to exceed thirty-two (32) gallon capacity with a tight-fitting lid.
Trash must be out to the curb prior to 7:00 am on your pickup day.

  • East side of town is on Monday & Thursday
  • West side of town is on Tuesday & Friday

Back door pickup in the snow remember your sanitation worker when there is snow on the ground. Bring your cans to the curb so our workers won't have to trudge through the snow or ice to get your backdoor cans.

If your regular trash collection day falls on a federally observed holiday you will not receive trash collection on that day. During that week you will only have (1) regular trash collection on your next scheduled day. Please check the website's News and Annoucements, the Chevelry Department of Public Works Facebook page, or the monthly Town Newsletter for updates.  

Electronics recycling schedule  
Collected every Wednesday after regular recycling. Place any electronic equipment out next to the recycling bin for pickup.
This includes flat screen tv's (older model televisions that are not flat screen should be set out for bulk trash), computers, printers, etc. If a federally observed holiday falls on a Wednesday, recycling will occur on the following day (Thursday)

Yard waste
Collected every Monday only.  If Monday is a federally observed holidy, yard waste will be picked up Tuesday.  

Tree limbs and brush must be cut 4 feet in length and tied up or put in a trash can for easy handling by the public works employees. Tree limbs not to exceed 4 inches in diameter.
Dirt is not acceptable.

Bamboo is not acceptable on Monday's collection. Put bamboo out (cut in 4' length, tied up) with bulk trash on Thursday or Friday.

No stumps or logs.
No landscape ties.

Leaves and grass trimmings should be placed in paper bags or labeled trash containers.

All loose materials must be placed in containers and not exceed 50 pounds. We do not take the dirt.

Yard waste should not be placed out before 5:00pm on Sunday.

If the crew does not finish collecting yard waste on Monday, they will complete the task on the following day. This does not mean you may put out more yard waste if they have cleared your street the prior day.

Special trash collection

  • Special trash collection is for large/bulky items: (old furniture, rugs, lamps, odd junk, etc…)
  • Items must be placed at the curb before 7:00am the morning of your special trash day but not before 7:00pm on the night before.
  • East side of town is on Thursday
  • West side of town is on Friday
  • All loose materials must be in containers and cannot exceed 50 pounds. Up to three items are accepted on any given special collection day.
  • Materials that will not be accepted: appliances (fee required), construction materials, auto parts (including tires), hazardous wastes (such as oils & paints), recyclable materials and yard waste.
  • This does not include the total house clean out. See the pictures below. When a move out occurs, arrangements should be made for pickup. We will assess a fee for this type of pickup.

This is an example of a clean out that is not acceptable. Prior arrangements should be made for pickup. A fee will be assessed. If no arrangements are made, the fee and fine will be assessed and if not paid, the property will be lined.

Trash Bags

Bulky trash - construction material - we do not pick up

Bulky trash

This is an example of bulk trash that is collected on Thursday or Friday.

Trash Couch

This is an example of bulk trash that is collected on Thursday or Friday

Bulk trash that is collected on Thursday or Friday

Recycling & electronics
Recycling pickups are every Wednesday. You can now combine your recyclables. Use either blue or yellow bins to place plastic, paper, glass, newspaper, and cardboard together for collection on Wednesday. There is no need to separate these items.

 Auto Parts, Pizza Boxes w/food, Plastic Wrap, Batteries of any size, Medical Waste, Light/fluorescent bulbs, Mirrors Bubble Wrap, Motor Oil Containers, Windowpanes, Hazardous Materials, Packing foam or Packing “peanuts”, Plastic Grocery bags bundled together, Styrofoam anything, Toilet paper or Paper towels
 All of these materials can be placed inside one container (yellow or blue, excess materials can be placed next to bin in paper bags) there is no need to sort them out. Please rinse all food and beverage containers prior to placing them in the container.
Beverage containers, Bleach bottles, Detergent bottles, Envelopes, Milk & Water jugs, Wrapping Paper, Kraft paper, Catalogs, Narrow Neck Bottles, Telephone Books, Shredded paper,  Yogurt containers, Corrugated cardboard, Paper grocery bags, File Folders, Magazines,  Aluminum pie plates/trays, Aluminum bottles, Computer paper, Glossy inserts/junk mail, Hard & soft covered books, Cereal boxes, Office Paper,  Newspaper

However, do set your electronic items out to the side. If a federally observed holiday falls on a Wednesday, recycling will occur on the following day (Thursday). Batteries are not acceptable, they must be taken to the brown station landfill, Thursday Friday or Saturday (hazardous waste days)

Appliance pick-ups
Consists of washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners (any size), water heaters, and microwaves (any size).

You must make special arrangements for appliance pickup and pay a fee for the removal, determined by the mayor and council. For further information call 301-773-2666.

Hazardous waste
In addition to prescription medication disposal available at the cheverly police station, Prince George's County offers free hazardous waste disposal at the brown station landfill in Upper Marlboro.

For complete information regarding the county's waste management and hazardous waste disposal programs, visit their website.