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The tax equals the rate times every $100 of the assessed value of a typical $200,000 home.

 CountyUnincorporated TownIncorporated 
County Tax/ Public Schools0.9601,9200.822$1,644
Town Tax0$00.51$1,020
State Tax0.112$2240.112$224
M-NCPPC Tax0.279$5580.279$558
Stormwater/Flood Control0.12$240.512$24
Transit Tax0.26$52.026$52

Trash And Garbage Fee

 $356 0
Recycling / Bay Restoration Fee $60 0
Clean Water Act Fee $63 $63
Total Taxes $3,256 $3,584

The difference in taxes between incorporated and unincorporated ($500 divided by 12 = $41/month)

* These items are fees and not a tax, and therefore cannot be deducted from one's Federal or State income tax, which is $34.9 Whereas the Town doesn't charge fees and the Town's rate is tax deductible.

  • Town Services
  • Prompt Snow Plowing
  • 24-hour Police Protection
  • Twice-Per-Week Trash Pick-Up
  • Curbside Leaf Vacuuming
  • Curbside Recycling
  • Curbside Electronic Recycling
  • Lower County Tax Rate
  • Monthly Town Newsletter
  • Comcast 71 Cheverly Channel, Verizon 35
  • Local Government Representative