Patrol Division

The Patrol Division of the Cheverly Police Department is comprised of four  two-man squads of uniformed officers that provide the Town with 24-hour protection and rapid response. All of these officers have been certified by the Maryland Police Training Commission (MPTC) and have additionally received extensive training in a wide variety of law enforcement topics and skills. Additionally, each of these officers is assigned a patrol vehicle that is equipped with the latest emergency response, speed detection, and communications equipment. Several of these vehicles are additionally equipped with in-car computers or mobile data terminals (MDTs).  
Cheverly patrol officers constantly strive to maintain a professional appearance and attitude. These officers wear the distinctive uniform of the Town, are equipped with the latest protective apparel, and utilize a wide variety of lethal and less than lethal weapon technologies. These patrol officers also very much adhere to the doctrines of community-oriented policing and constantly seek ways to solve neighborhood problems with the assistance of local residents. In addition to standard patrol work, each of these officers is also trained to conduct plainclothes operations and tactical enforcement operations. The well-rounded Patrol Division serves as the backbone of this department and the Cheverly police officers are proud of their tradition of service to the community.