Update: WSSC Performing Sewer Lateral Renewals on Cheverly Avenue

WSSC is continuing work on a sewer later renewal in the 2300 Block of Cheverly Avenue. Work is anticipated to take approximately 5 days or less, weather permitting. WSSC was informed that construction cannot start before 9:00 am on Cheverly Avenue, and they must actively control traffic. This work may cause traffic delays. Thank you for your patience during this work, and please revise your driving pattern if possible.
Please note that the Town is working to coordinate WSSC to reconstruct the concrete bump-out and plantings, as well as restoring any curb, gutter, and sidewalks, temporary base patching for this area. WSSC’s contractor, M.T. Laney is anticipated to temporarily repair one area within the next week. The Town is working to coordinate to have Washington Gas mill and overlay the entire work area once WSSC’s contractor has completed asphalt patching and concrete restoration. This is anticipated to take up to three to four weeks, depending upon weather.
WSSC contact information for this project includes:
AWSSC Construction Inspector: Brandon Fenzel (443) 938-4062 or brandon.fenzel@wsscwater.com
Contract Manager: Mark Allman (301) 206-8557 or (240) 736-6843 or Mark.Allman@wsscwater.com
WSSC’s 24-Hour Emergency Call Center at 301-206-4002, in the event of a water or sewer emergency - emergencycallcenter@wsscwater.com
Customer Service Advocate: David Wilkins (301) 206-4371 or David.Wilkins@wsscwater.com
M.T. Laney contact information for this project includes:
Rachel Muse (240) 972-4451 or rmuse@laneycompanies.com
Melissa Horst (410) 795-1761 or mhorst@mtlaney.com