Traffic Study

Request for Proposals
For Traffic Study
                                                                   The Town of Cheverly, MD
July 7, 2017
For questions, please contact David W. Warrington, Town Administrator (301)-773-8360 or
Juan L. Torres, Director of Public Works at
(301) 773-2666
Town of Cheverly, Maryland
Request for Proposals for Traffic Study
1. General Information
2. Proposal Process
3. Minimum Qualifications
4. Services Required
5. Format and Content of Proposal
6. Evaluation of Proposals
7. Final Comments
General Information 
The Town of Cheverly
The Town of Cheverly (incorporated in 1931) has a population 6,433 as of the 2010 census. The Town offers sanitation, road maintenance, park maintenance, police services, and other services. Cheverly operates on a Council form of government with an elected Mayor and six Town Council members. The Town Council appoints the Town Administrator, Chief of Police, Director of Public Works and Town Attorney to carry out its policies and enforce its ordinances. The Town currently has 42 employees.
About the Request for Proposal
The Town Administrator for the Town of Cheverly seeks proposals from firms/institutions interested in conducting a Traffic Study for the Town. The purpose of this request is so that the Town’s officials may identify existing patterns, conflicts, challenges, solutions, present and future traffic, pedestrian, and bicycle volumes. How these “activities/travels” currently coexist, can be made safer now and their continued future safe coexistence along a designated quadrant within the Town’s corporate limits. This quadrant, involves, one public school, one private school and a church in the area between Landover Road to Forest Road to U.S. Route 50. Additionally, the Town desires a study that will analyze the impact of renovating an intersection at Inwood Street and 63rd Avenue, as well as installing necessary traffic calming devices and pedestrian crossings to improve public safety.
The Town of Cheverly is seeking a means to improve traffic flow, control the speed of traffic, improve pedestrian safety, improve bicycle safety, improve sight distances and enhance ingress/egress from the Town. Please note that in the future similar services at other quadrants might be required as a result of this study.
The Town of Cheverly encourages proposals that are creative, informative, and straightforward in addressing the Town’s traffic needs. While the format must be consistent with the RFP’s requirements, we are certainly interested in learning about any services your firm offers that you feel will benefit us. The conditions of the proposal must remain valid for the contract term. Either party is permitted to cancel the contract without any recourse, for reason or without reason by providing the other party with written notice 90 days prior to the cessation of services.
Proposal Process
In developing the RFP, the Town of Cheverly has worked to reasonably and as capabilities allow ensure that this Request for Proposal contains enough information for a firm to prepare a satisfactory proposal. The Town encourages all participating firms to submit the most complete and competitive proposal possible so that the Town may have an understanding of all services that you provide. If a firm requires additional information, the Town of Cheverly is more than happy to answer any questions the company’s representatives have.
The timing of the proposal process is as follows:
Distribution of Requests for Proposals
This request for proposals will be made available on the town’s website ( and by request.
Proposal Submission
Proposals must be delivered to the Town Administrator no later than 5 p.m. on. August 30, 2017. Proposals postmarked prior to this deadline will be accepted. Fax transmitted proposals will not be accepted at any time.
Please provide one electronic copy to via email and a paper copy to:
David Warrington, Town Administrator
Town of Cheverly
6401 Forest Road
Cheverly, MD 20785
Proposal Review and Selection
Staff will evaluate each proposal submitted. We anticipate that the Staff will complete the review process by September 14, 2017. We will then notify all applicants concerning the outcome by September 20, 2017.
Official Approval. 
The Mayor and the Town Council, with the assistance of the Town Administrator, will consider the recommendation for the Traffic Study and authorize a final contract between the Town of Cheverly and the firm.
Conversion Activities 
The approved firm will be required to coordinate with the Town Administration all activities necessary to ensure a smooth transition. Activities will begin upon notification and should be completed by a time determined by the contract.
Contract Effectiveness 
The Town will make every effort to administer the proposal process in accordance with the terms and dates discussed in the request for proposal. However, the Town of Cheverly reserves the right to modify the proposal process and dates as deemed necessary.
Minimum Qualifications
For the Town of Cheverly to consider your application, a proposal must include the following minimum requirements:
1. A summary of the firm’s qualifications and experience. Experience in multiple and varying municipalities is preferred.
2. The address of the firm that will be involved, websites for the firm (and the firm’s consultants), and the contact information (name, title, phone, email, mailing address if different from the firm’s address) of the person responsible for the proposal.
3. A list of the firm’s personnel who will be assigned to the project, including their responsibilities on the project and their individual qualifications.
4. A statement of understanding of the scope of the work proposed with a list of deliverables and a conceptual plan for proceeding.
5. A schedule based on the scope of the work that includes a timetable for deliverables.
6. A statement with a total cost of the work to be performed as well as an itemized list of costs, including any applicable rates.
Services Required 
The Town of Cheverly requires the following services to meet its needs for a traffic study:
1. Collection of all necessary vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic data volumes covering the weekend church services.  Also, during school arrival and dismissal times in the AM and PM peak traffic periods along 63rd Avenue, Jason Street, Joslyn Street, Inwood Street, Montrose Road, Kilmer Street, and Forest Road within the limits of the Town of Cheverly.
2. Evaluation of intersections along 63rd and Inwood as well as the intersections at 63rd and Jason – Joslyn and Kilmer. Evaluations should also be conducted with regard to current geometry, site, conditions, and current and 10-year future traffic count volumes, turning movements, level of service, and pedestrian and bicycle use.
3. Evaluation of land use at Kilmer Street Park (6301) as it may play a role in the traffic situation and ingress and egress from the Town via the non-developed right-of-way.
4. Safety assessments of aforementioned roads and intersections for a vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic.
5. Recommendations for current and future traffic control measures along the aforementioned roads and intersections as well as a list of priorities and recommended implementation schedule for the Town to follow.
6. Current cost estimates as well as recommendations and options for funding mechanisms for implementing traffic control measures.
7. The selected firm will be required to present their findings at a televised Town Council meeting, which will be held at 8 pm on the second Thursday of a month.

Format and Content of Proposal 

  • To ensure that each proposal receives careful consideration, the administration of the Town of Cheverly requires that all proposals meet the format guidelines. This will enable the Town to compare and evaluate the proposals effectively and objectively. Proposals that do not meet the guidelines may not be considered. Each proposal should be clear and concise, presenting the information in such a manner as to be easily understood by the reader. The proposal sections and format should be organized as follows:
    • Title Page / Cover. One printed page maximum. Show the name of the proposing institution, its principal business address, and the branch address that would serve the Town, the name of the proposer, contact for questions by the Town and the date that the proposal was submitted.
    • Transmittal Letter. Two printed pages are maximum. The letter should briefly address the film’s willingness and commitment to providing the services, why it believes it should be selected, and any exceptions to the services requested by the Town.
    • Pricing. Three printed pages are maximum. Describe the pricing for services and supplies that are proposed. Include a detailed billing statement as part of this section (not to be included as part of the page maximum for this section).
    • Authorization to Contract. Two printed pages are maximum. Provide a Corporate Resolution, Certificate of Secretary, or correspondence from the Chief Executive Officer or Chairperson attesting that the individual signing the proposal has the authority to make binding representations on behalf of the institution.
    • Draft Contract. Provide a draft contract or agreement for Banking/Financial Services that is specific to the services, terms, and conditions represented in this request for proposal. Other Information. Three printed pages are maximum. Briefly describe any other information not previously mentioned that the institution believes should be given consideration by the Town.
    • Evaluation of Proposals
      A review committee will evaluate the proposals and submit the qualified candidates to the Town Council for the final determination. The Town, at its discretion, will determine whether to hold discussions with the Proposers who are in a “competitive range” or be awarded without a discussion on the basis of the proposal submitted. The following are the evaluation criteria:
Proper Submission of Proposal. The proposal must be submitted, received by the Town Administrator, or postmarked by the due date outlined in this proposal. It is the responsibility of the firm to ensure proper and timely delivery of all required material. Late submissions will not be considered or evaluated.
The comprehensiveness of Services Provided. The Town’s evaluation of the overall capabilities of the firm to meet the required service levels described in this RFP.
Related Experience. The institution’s related experience in providing services comparable to the Town’s needs.
Assigned Individuals. The credentials and experience of the person(s) assigned to the Town’s accounts.
Charges for Services. The amount of the standard charges proposed pricing increases in subsequent years and the concession pricing structure being proposed.
Other Factors. Any other factors the Town believes would be in the best interest of the Town to consider, which were not previously described.
Final Comments 
The Town of Cheverly reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, cancel all or part of this RFP, and waive any minor irregularities and to request additional information from proposing firms. By requesting proposals, the Town of Cheverly is in no way required to award a contract or pay expenses of the proposing firms in connection with the preparation of the proposal.
The Town’s decision to award a contract will be based on many factors including but not limited to service, cost, proposal requirements met, etc. No single factor, such as cost, will determine the final decision to award.
The successful proposer will be required to secure and maintain appropriate insurance coverage. Proof of such coverage, in the form of a broker-issued certificate, must be received by the Town prior to the beginning contract date.
The Town truly appreciates the effort all the firms/institutions and their respective staffs will have to put forth in responding to the Traffic Study Request for Proposal for the Town of Cheverly.