Tree Plantings & Maintenance

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Time to Think Trees — Tree Plantings and Tree Maintenance

The Department of Public Works would like to see 1000 trees planted within the Town over the next ten years or less. The department is currently working with both Dr. Tolbert Feather and Pepco regarding tree plantings and tree maintenance. Dr. Feather is a well-known expert arborist, and he has substantial experience working with towns in Maryland.

Last summer, Pepco came through the Town with its four-year Vegetation Management Program. Pepco removed 94 trees in the Town’s public right-of-way. Now, Pepco is going to plant 94 street trees in the Town’s public right-of-way at the end of February. Every address identified as a potential for a tree planting in February will be delivered a letter. White dots are being placed on the curb to identify the planting spots. Currently, the tree plantings are scheduled to start on February 24, 2020.

All of the tree plantings will occur in the Town’s public right-of-way. Most of the tree plantings will occur in the tree box between the curb and the sidewalk, or within ten (10) feet of the curb when no sidewalk is present. The trees will be selected based upon planting the right tree in the right place.

Please note that there are more tree planting spots (152) than trees for this initial planting (94), since utility conflicts may arise during planting. The department does anticipate to plant in the extra spots over the next year, as well as develop additional tree planting spots across Town. Through an ongoing public process, the department hopes to develop and propose a Master Street Tree Plan.

We are also reviewing our Town trees from a safety perspective and necessary tree maintenance. Dr. Feather has assisted the Town in evaluating the Town’s street trees and many park trees. Dr. Feather has recommended tree maintenance that includes tree pruning and tree removals. Initially, the department is pricing out the cost to have 34 street and park trees removed that are dead, dying, and/or have hazardous conditions. The department is also pricing out pruning and stump grinding for future work. The initial 34 trees are listed as the priority 1a trees. The tree removal lists includes pictures and a brief description explaining why the tree is listed for removal.
No tree removals are planned before a public process that allows for resident comment. Residents are encouraged to review the list of tree plantings and trees scheduled for maintenance or removal. The department will be scheduling a public meeting in March to allow residents to ask about any of the trees listed. Dr. Feather will be present to help explain about tree maintenance and his recommendations. This date for this public meeting will be announced in the near future.

Please note a special email address,, has been created to allow for resident comments. Please use this email for any questions or comments.