Commendations & Complaints

As a department, we understand that our interactions with the public can produce moments that should be commended. In addition, although we strive to meet all expectations, there is always the possibility that individuals may feel less than satisfied with an outcome or employee interaction. We want to hear about both.

This Department proactively promotes accountability and transparency in the following ways:

Implementing policies, procedures, and strategies, that promote fair and impartial policing.

Promoting clear guidance to our community members on how to make citizen comments, complaints, and inquiries.

Investing in training opportunities that promote cognizant understanding of implicit bias, fair and impartial policing, and crisis intervention when interacting with individuals in a mental health crisis.

Annual department and individual goal setting tied directly to community outreach and fair and impartial policing tactics.


Commending an employee and telling about your interactions with them can be performed in a variety of ways. Stopping by the police department to speak to someone directly is welcomed. If more convenient, you can email the Chief of Police or call the station at 301-341-1055. Some individuals have even preferred to send in letters and notes showing their gratitude. Regardless of your choice of communication, we will ensure the employee and their supervisor(s) are informed of your interaction.


"Complaint Against Police Practices" Forms are available at the Front Desk or here

All written complaints from the public alleging employee misconduct shall be thoroughly investigated.

If a Complainant contests a Criminal Charge, but there is no allegation of employee misconduct, the individual is advised to address their concern through the Maryland Court System.
Complaints, other than the use of force, may be initiated in person (verbally or in writing), by telephone or TDD, facsimile, email, or United States mail.


                Police Station:   (301) 341-1055

                Police Fax #:    (301) 341-0176

                Email:   Link

                Address:          6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785


Complaints Regarding the use of Force: Use of force complaints must be made in writing, signed under penalty of perjury, and filed within 366 days of the alleged brutality, consistent with the requirements of the Maryland Code, Title 3, Subtitle 1, Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights (LEOBR).

Complaints of Criminal Misconduct: All complaints alleging criminal misconduct shall be immediately referred to a supervisor. The supervisor shall document the contact and forward this documentation to the Chief of Police pending further investigation.

The Department will not tolerate any retaliatory acts against complainants or witnesses. Once a formal complaint is filed against an officer, the officer shall have no contact with the complainant or witnesses, nor will the officer cause anyone else to initiate contact on their behalf. Exceptions to this directive shall only be granted by the Chief of Police.