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"Dispute with Weapon" Call Leads to Attempted Murder Apprehension
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APRIL 17, 2020

“Dispute with Weapon” Call Leads to Attempted Murder Apprehension

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, April 14, 2020, officers from the Cheverly Police Department
responded to a call for a domestic dispute involving a weapon. Upon arrival, officers met the victim
who stated she had just been threatened with a firearm, by the offender. Officers checked the location
of the incident but were unable to locate the suspect nor the firearm.

It was ascertained that the victim was assaulted by the offender multiple times, two of which involved
the offender placing a firearm against the victim’s head and threatening to kill her. The victim recalled
hearing the gun click at least once, leading her to believe the trigger was pulled but the gun failed to
fire. The victim was ultimately able to escape, and call 911, when the offender went to search a closet,
in order to steal a phone and some money, which were discovered missing by the victim during the
officers’ follow-up search.

Detective Kvech, the lead detective in the department’s Criminal Investigative Unit, was able to
successfully obtain an arrest warrant for the offender, for the charges of attempted 1st degree murder,
first degree assault, theft, and other related charges.

Around 6:20 pm, after successfully establishing a trace on the offender’s phone, Detective Kvech,
with the assistance of Prince George’s County Police, responded to a Motel 6 where the offender was

A court ordered Search & Seizure warrant was obtained, and executed thereafter, leading to the
recovery of numerous items of evidentiary value, including a silver Magnum revolver, matching the
description provided by the victim.

The offender was ultimately transported to the Department of Corrections, where he was processed on
the arrest warrant.
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