Eviction Law Changes

Despite realtors’ opposition, the Prince George's County Council passed CB-26 into law, which makes changes to the current eviction process in Prince George's County. The Eviction Law Changes took effect on August 11, 2005, for single-family rentals. The new law prohibits the placement of tenant’s property in a public right-of-way or on any public property. For most evictions, this law will require the owner of the property to either rent a dumpster and dump all of the tenant's property in the dumpster after removing it from the house, or hire someone to haul the tenant's property out of the house and bring it immediately to the dump or transfer station.

In any case, you Will Not be able to leave the property at the curb. In addition, the law also states that if the tenant is present at the time the eviction is executed, the owner of the property must give the tenant a reasonable period of time (not to exceed four hours) to remove his/her property.