Criminal Investigations

The Cheverly Police Department conducts criminal investigations and follow-ups for all incidents that occur within the town, with the following exceptions: All homicides, rapes, kidnappings, carjackings, and commercial robberies are handled by the Prince George’s County Police with direct assistance from this department. Cheverly criminal investigators have been specifically trained in crime scene photography and latent fingerprint examination, and respond to all crime scenes where there is the potential for the recovery of physical evidence or where a suspect(s) has been identified and not immediately arrested.

Criminal investigators from this department also investigate narcotics violations, identity theft, home improvement fraud, and all missing persons cases. They prepare look-out information and posters for distribution to the public, conduct home security surveys in conjunction with the department’s Police and Homeowner Anti-Burglary Partnership. They also work closely with their investigative counterparts in all local police agencies and also serve as this department’s link to federal and state task force operations and enforcement groups.