Anti-Burglary Partnership

In 2005, the department initiated the Cheverly Police and Homeowner Anti-Burglary Partnership. This program is an adjunct to the many crime prevention activities that take place within the town and the program is administered by the Chief’s Advisory Board / Neighborhood Watch. In addition, grant money was obtained for this program to pay for the distinctive signs that indicate a town resident has fulfilled the requisites of the program.

To participate in the program, a town resident must:

  • Have their residence inspected by a Cheverly police officer;
  • Act substantially on the list of items the officer identified to increase home protection, also known as “target hardening”;
  • Have your home re-inspected by a police officer after corrective action has been taken;
  • Inventory the valuables in your home with the assistance of the police and record make, model, and serial numbers of all items;    
  • Have your valuables photographed by a police officer;   
  • And, Display the attractive Anti-Burglary Partnership sign as your residence.

The initial inspection generally takes between 1 and 1 ½ hours to complete, and careful attention is especially given to all entry points. In addition, care is taken to consider the financial cost of repairs, the existing architectural design, and existing crime prevention techniques. In most cases, absent the replacement of doors, the cost associated with repairs or additions remains under $100.00. Please call today for a home inspection!