Noxious Odors

The Town is aware and concerned regarding the odors residents have been experiencing throughout Town beginning yesterday evening. 

Please understand that many of the initial and follow on reports from individual and official reports regarding the location and source of the odors have proven inaccurate and contradictory. We take the matter of our air quality and impacts to our community's health very seriously and are closely following the situation. Be assured that we will share further details once sound information is available.

Current status of our actions to address the concern regarding noxious odors includes the following:

Mayor Riazi contacted and reported the condtions to the Maryland Department of the Environment emergency pollutant hotline early this morning. Since this morning, our Town Administrator, Mr. Galloway has also been coordinating with Washington Gas, WSSC, PEPCO and the Bladensburg Fire Department in an effort to identify and address the source of the odors.Our conversations have stressed that residents have been experiencing noxious odors sufficient to wake them out of their sleep since yesterday evening. We have reported that the odors have also caused residents to gag and experience a burning feeling in the back of the throat.  Our contact has been extensive and has continued throughout the day. Town Departments are also aware of the situation and staff will be alert to anything of note while performing their duties throughout the Town.

Please continue to stay connected and involved as information continues to become available.

Town Hall ‭ 301-773-8360‬
Mayor Riazi  202-258-6167


The original posting does not accurately reflect the time frame pertaining to the noxious odors experience by the town. It should be noted that the actions described in the original posting, as being taken by Mayor Riazi and the Town Administrator, Mr. Galloway, were completed on Saturday, August 31, 2019.