Leaf Pick-Up Schedule - Week of 12/3/2019

Department of Public Works
Below, please find the Town Leaf Pick-Up Schedule for the week of December 3 through December 6. Please remember that weather conditions and other factors may impact this schedule. A complete schedule can be found in your upcoming monthly town newsletter or online at: https://www.cheverly-md.gov/sites/cheverlymd/files/news/leaf_collection_sched._2019-2020docx.pdf
December 3
Forest Road 6405-6459
Forest Road 6200-6212 (even)
Forest Rd. 6101-6219(odd)
Parkway 2805-3131
December 5
Hillside 3205-3211
Maureen Ct. 6500-6509
Oak St. 6501-6509
Oak St. 6600-6604 (even)
Oak St. 6601-6609 (odd)
64th Ave. 3315,3321,3323
December 6
Cheverly Oaks Ct. 2900-2923
Hillside Ave. 2800-3132 Oakton Way 6400-6403
Oak Forest Ct. 6500-6508
Cedar St. 6500-6514
Woodway Place 2802-2909
64th Ave. 2900-2907