Can my tree be saved?

Is it diseased? Is it a danger to your house or to others? 

You may want to ask a consulting arborist first rather than a specialist in tree removal.

According to the American Society of Consulting arborists in Rockville, Maryland, consulting arborists “are dedicated to the objective assessment of trees, the enhancement of the community and the protection of the environment.”

Homeowners may seek a consulting arborist for:        

  • Knowledge of tree care, preservation, and maintenance            
  • Expertise about tree and plant selection and planting            
  • Assessment and identification of tree risks and hazards            
  • Advice on tree preservation            
  • Appraisal of trees            
  • An investigation into tree disputes and negligence            
  • Inspection of plant material and tree issues

See the ASCA web site for more information on the scope of consulting arborists’ work. Click on “find a consulting arborist” to find one in our area. At “ASCA the expert” you can submit your question online."