Before You Buy a Home in Cheverly

If you are new to Cheverly or thinking of moving here, we welcome you.  Cheverly is a wonderful town with a great community spirit.  We boast some of the best services you can find, lots of friendly faces from many backgrounds, and a beautiful environment with a wide variety of home styles and trees galore. You can learn about the services available by checking out the links on this site. We have learned that to maintain an attractive community takes a lot of work. So over the decades since Cheverly's incorporation in 1931, we have adopted a number of ordinances intended to help maintain the quality of community life. To avoid surprises later on, please take a look at some key Cheverly ordinances. Of particular importance please note our restrictions on front yard fences and parking of commercial vehicles.  If you have questions about any of these ordinances, please contact the Cheverly town office at (301) 773-8360.

Fences are not permitted in the front yard (corner lots must respect the front building line on both streets.) back yard fences 4ft. & over require a building permit, and fences over 6ft. Require a variance.
Trees, hedges, shrubs, plants must not obstruct sidewalks or obscure street lights, or obstruct the vision of motorists. At corners, vision must be clear 3ft. Above curb level for a distance of 25' from an intersection.

Dead trees and limbs are a public hazard and should be removed.

Grass & weeds are not to exceed a height of 8".

Yards/exterior areas must not be cluttered or littered with rubble, trash, unused furniture, building materials, etc. Storage of construction material or equipment is prohibited.

Trash cans recycle bins, etc. It must be stored in the rear yard or to the side of the house behind the front building line. All cans require a tight-fitting lid.
Exterior wood or metal surfaces must be painted and free of holes, breaks, loose, or rotting boards or any other condition that might admit rain or dampness.
Accessory structures/decks must be maintained safe & sound in good repair. They must be at least 2' from rear or side property lines. Only 30% of a lot may be covered by buildings, including accessory structures and parking areas.
Porches & stairs more than two risers high must have handrails & balustrades fastened securely and in good condition.

Pools must be at least 8' from rear or side property lines. All pools 24" or deeper (in-ground or above) require a 6' secured fence. Pools may not drain across a neighbor's property, water must generally flow into a storm sewer.

Wood piles must be elevated a minimum of 6" above the ground or placed on a hard surface.

Compost piles must be maintained regularly and not contain food waste.

Building permits county, as well as town building permits, must be obtained to construct, or make any major improvement to your home. The homeowner must first obtain a Prince George's county building permit (301-883-5784) in the largo and then apply for the town building permit.
Sample list of projects requiring permits: all structures (over 150 sq.Ft.), canopies/carports, chair lifts/ramps, chimneys, decks/porches, fences, fireplaces, hot tubs/spas/pools, patios/slabs (over 500 sq.Ft.), retaining walls (over 2ft.), roofs (structural repairs), sheds (over 150 sq.Ft.)
Driveways over 500 sq.Ft. Require a building permit and driveway aprons need special approval and permit from the public works dept.
General repairs do not require permits unless they include cutting walls, partitions, or bearing supports; removing or changing exits; installing, moving, or removing any pipe used for water supply, sewer, drainage, gas, waste, or venting; installing or moving any electrical, mechanical, or other work that could affect the public health and safety.

Home offices any resident conducting business from their home must obtain an annual residential license. Permissible home occupations include accountants, architects, engineers, lawyers, and those in similar, recognized professions. For specific information on home occupations, contact the Prince George's county office of licenses & permits 301-952-4920 or the town clerk 301-773-8360.

Rental property all rental properties, including room rentals, must obtain a town rental license and be inspected on a regular basis. Contact the code enforcement officer at 301-341-1055.

Motor vehicles must be licensed and operable and parked or stored on a paved surface.
Performing heavy repairs, painting or body work on automobiles is prohibited.

Parking vehicles parked on any town street for a continuous period longer than 72 hours, without being moved can be ticketed.
One camping trailer or boat may be stored in the side or rear yards only. These vehicles may not be parked on the street or in a front yard driveway.

Commercial Vehicle Parking or storage of commercial vehicles on the street or front yard driveway is not permitted.
Any truck or van larger than 80"X240", or vehicle displaying commercial lettering or equipment (ladder racks, tool boxes, etc), will be considered a commercial vehicle. Stake platform trucks, dump trucks, crane or tow trucks or vehicles with dual rear wheels, etc. May not be stored on residential lots in Cheverly at any time.

Winter storms parking-please use driveways as much as possible and leave streets clear for snow plows. Parking is prohibited on the even-numbered side of streets when the snow has accumulated 1" or more, except where parking is normally restricted to one side, such as 59th ave. These provisions are in effect without notification and shall remain in effect until the street is plowed. The town may tow cars to a nearby cleared street, or to an impoundment lot, and ticket them.
Sidewalks each resident must clear the snow from their sidewalks within 12 hours after snow ceases or within 12 hours of sunrise. When ice has formed on sidewalks, it must be removed within 6 hrs. If unable to remove, sidewalks should be strewn with sand, sawdust, ashes, etc. Until it can be cleared.

Noise ordinance during summer months, residents are asked to be especially considerate of their neighbors' rights to peace and quiet.
During the day (8:00 am to 9:00pm) 'continuous' noise that can be heard from 30' away, and 'intermittent' noise or 'impulsive' noise that can be heard from 50' away is generally prohibited.
Continuous noise is defined by law as noise that does not vary for at least five minutes; intermittent noise is noise that changes over time, but which can be heard for more than ten seconds at any one time, and impulsive noise is short bursts of sound.
During the night (9:00pm to 8:00am), any noise that can be heard from 30' away from the property from which the noise is coming is prohibited.
It is also unlawful to allow a house or vehicle alarm to sound, continuously or at intervals, for 30 minutes or more. For purposes of enforcement after the 30-minute period, the owner of the house or vehicle is presumed to be aware of the sounding alarm.

Exceptions for the rule: construction, repair or demolition of structures or public roads is allowed during the daytime, except on Sundays and Christmas day, and during nighttime emergencies.
Daytime use of lawnmowers and other power tools is allowed; church bells and vehicles used by public safety, government, and public utility officials are exempt from the law.
Residents may register complaints about noise by calling the county police response number, 301-333-4000. In most cases, a Cheverly police officer will be dispatched to the scene.

Animal control ordinance
  • Animals must be licensed and have a valid rabies vaccination.
  • Animals must be confined securely on the owner's premises or under restraint.
  • Any animal not on its owner's property must be on a leash.
  • Animals must be controlled by the owner to prevent it from molesting the person or property of any other person.
  • Animals must be maintained in sanitary conditions solid waste must be cleared on a daily basis.
  • It is unlawful for anyone to allow their animal to deposit solid waste on any public property or on private property without the owner's permission.
  • It is unlawful to have an animal that is a public nuisance. Public nuisance shall mean: fierce, dangerous, or vicious; or three (3) or more times in 12 months, is found:
    • Being at large; or
    • Damaging property; or
    • Causing fouling of air by odors; or
    • Causing unsanitary conditions; or
    • Making excessively disturbing noises; or
    • Being ineffectively controlled by its owner.
  • It is unlawful to engage in breeding, hospitalizing, and boarding of household pets or other animals for commercial purposes within the town of Cheverly.
  • County law prohibits bringing any new pit-bulls into the county after 1997.
Pooper Scooper Tip: It's the law in Cheverly that when walking your pet you must be prepared to clean up after it if it makes a deposit during your travels. One suggestion for facilitating this dirty duty is to cut the bottom off a bleach container. The result is a scooper with its own handle.
It is particularly important that owners clean up after their dogs in town parks. Please note that pets are not permitted in the gast park (tot park). Dog waste draws rats and is a health risk. Remember, children use these parks.
Do not let your dog run free, and please take your dog's waste out of the park when you leave.

Vacations & home security residents planning to be away for vacations should call the Cheverly police (301-341-1055) to arrange to have their homes checked while they are gone. The following items should also be checked to make sure your residence is safe and looks as much as possible like someone is there:
  • Cancel newspaper & mail delivery or have a neighbor pick it up for you.
  • Arrange for lawn care.
  • Valuables should be stored, preferably in a bank.
  • Store lawn mowers, bicycles, and lawn furniture inside.
  • Lights inside the house should be set on a timer.
  • Set telephone bells as low as possible.
  • Shades and drapes should be drawn.
  • Cars left in the driveway should be locked.
  • Smoke detectors should be checked to make sure they work.
  • All windows and doors should be locked.
  • Give your house key & itinerary to at least one friend or neighbor.