Rental Properties

The Town of Cheverly believes that providing for public health, safety and welfare to its citizens mandates the existence of a residential rental dwelling unit license and maintenance program. The town code requires all premises rented in whole or in part as a dwelling unit to be licensed annually. This includes all apartment complexes, single family homes, condominiums, and rooming units.

Rental license applications can be downloaded. The fee for the license is $100.00 per year for all rentals, except apartment complexes. The fee for complexes is $100.00 per unit.

The rental license is good for one year and expires annually on June 30th. The license must be renewed before June 30th of each year and renewal notices are usually mailed out in May.

After the application is filed with the town, the office of code enforcement will schedule an inspection of the property.

The code concerning standards and inspection of rental properties can be found here in chapter 5 of the town code.