CodeRED Text to Sign Up

Cheverly Police Department
CodeRED Text to Enroll
Signing up for the Cheverly Police Department’s CodeRED alert system has just become easier.
Simply text “CheverlyAlerts” to 99411 to be receive the signup link via text message.
  1. What is CodeRED?
CodeRED is the department’s mass alert notification system. Once signed up, individuals will automatically receive notifications for emergency alerts. Users can also opt-in to automatic weather alerts (as provided by the National Weather Service) and general notifications throughout the community, if sent out (currently the department utilizes the system for emergency notification only as not to desensitize users to the emergency notifications)
  1. How will the system alert me?
Users have the option of being alerted via phone (which includes phone calls, text messages, TDD/TTY device) and/or via email. Additionally, users can download the CodeRED app and received alerts via the app as well.
  1. What is the difference between a managed account and guest account/enrollment?
The only difference between the two types of accounts is that a managed account allows a user to modify their settings, on their own, after signing up. Additionally, users can add additional addresses to their account. A managed account does require the user to created and remember a username a password.
Changes, including account removal, for guest accounts/enrollment will require the user to contact the police department, or CodeRED directly, to make the requested changes.
  1. What are the steps to signing up?
  • Once you have navigated to the enrollment link you will need to determine whether you want a managed account or a guest account

  • Once the account type is determined you will be asked to input your contact information (Name and Address). Please be advised, to receive the Cheverly Police Department’s alerts, the address(es) you use should be within the Town of Cheverly.

  • Next, you will be asked to input your phone number. This is to received alerts via phone call. Additionally, if you would like to receive alerts via text message, the “Send text messages…” checkbox should be check. Options for TDD/TTY are also available here and should be check where applicable. Be sure to choose your appropriate Mobile Provide in the drop down.

  • The types of alerts you wish to receive are selected in the next section. Remember, Emergency Alerts are on by default and cannot be removed. Users also have the option of receiving general notifications and weather alerts (check all that apply).

  • Once alerts are complete, users have the option to add additional phones and/or email addresses to receive alerts, and which alerts they should receive.

  • Lastly, users must agree to the terms and conditions, and verify their inputted information, before finally being sign-up for the notification system.