General Information

The Town is 1.27 square miles in area, and the 2010 U.S. Census survey counted a population of 5,699 residents. The Town is located in the western portion of Prince George's County, Maryland, just one mile from the northeastern Washington, D.C. border. Cheverly lies between two major road arteries -- the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and Maryland Route 50. Established as a planned residential community, Cheverly is convenient to Washington, D.C. by Metro bus and rail, and to retail shopping centers in the surrounding communities. The Town's acreage is 80% residential, 10%commercial and 10% open space. The Town is the 19th largest of the 28 incorporated municipalities in the County.

Town Government and Administration

The Town was incorporated in 1931 and derives its governing authority from the Charter, as amended, granted by the General Assembly. The powers of the Town are provided in the Charter and in the Constitution and laws of the State of Maryland. In 1970, the Town established a Mayor-Council form of government with the executive functions vested in an elected Mayor and legislative functions vested in a six-member Town Council, of which the Mayor serves as President. As President, the Mayor may participate in all Council discussions. The Mayor may vote only when necessary to break a tie vote of the Council or to provide four affirmative votes. The six Councilmembers are elected by ward every two years and the Mayor is elected every three years.

The Town has approximately 36-39 full-time and 2-3 part-time employees, including the Town Administrator, Chief of Police, and Director of Public Works, each of whom is appointed to serve at the pleasure of the Mayor and Town Council. A full-time Town Administrator acts as the chief administrative officer and is responsible for implementing the policies established by the Mayor and Council and overseeing day-to-day operations of the town.

Executive Offices
6401 Forest Road
Cheverly, Maryland, 20785
Phone: 301-773-8360

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Certain Responsibilities and Services

The Town alone, or in conjunction with the County or the State of Maryland or other regional entities, provides the following services: planning and zoning, sanitation, recreation, public safety, general public works, and community development. Certain other services fall under the category of overlapping governmental units.

Planning and Zoning

Responsibility for zoning matters rests with the County. The Town appoints a representative to the County's area Master Plan Committee during the 10-year review of area zoning and any interim Sectional Map Amendment studies. The Town's position regarding zoning changes within the corporate limits or within one-half mile of the corporate limits must be formally solicited by the County prior to a decision.

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The Town's Public Works Department provides refuse collection, recycling, litter control and leaf collection services to approximately 1,200 dwelling units in the Town. Solid waste is disposed of at a sanitary landfill operated by the County, which charges the Town for disposal on a per-ton basis. Private contractors provide refuse collection and related services to commercial establishments and the apartment complexes located in Town.

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Parks & Recreation

Cheverly has three major parks with active recreation facilities and numerous green space areas and passive parks all of which are maintained by the Department of Public Works.There are ballfields, tennis courts, and basketball courts in several town parks. The Cheverly Recreation Council also offers certain educational classes. In addition, the Recreation Council plans and holds a variety of annual seasonal events designated to promote community interaction and community spirit.

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Public Safety

Police protection within the Town is provided by the Cheverly Police Department. The County police force provides supplementary service when warranted. The Town Police respond to all types of calls and provide investigative services. The County provides investigative services in the event of a homicide, arson, or sexual assault. The Town's Police Department has 14 authorized officers and additional administrative personnel. Town Officers are dispatched through the County's 911 service, and non-emergency 301-352-1200 service. Written agreements between the Town and the County govern their respective jurisdictions and responsibilities. The Code Enforcement Division of the Police Department enforces health, safety, housing, and building code provisions on the Town's behalf and is contained within the Police Department.

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Public Works

The Town's Public Works Department provides street maintenance and drainage, refuse collection, recycling, leaf collection, traffic operations and snow and ice control. It also maintains parks, playgrounds, Town buildings, and facilities. The department maintains an estimated 25 miles of streets and 45 miles of sidewalks.

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Community Development

The Town's Planning Board works to create and preserve a high quality physical, human, and economic environment. In addition, the Planning Board assists economic development and is responsible for planning functions (in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and Council) with respect to land use, zoning, economic development, historic preservation, urban design, transportation, and neighborhood conservation.

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The Town's public education needs are served by Gladys Noon Spellman Elementary School, Judith P. Hoyer Montessori School, Charles Carroll Middle School and Bladensburg High School, all of which are administered by the Board of Education of Prince George's County. Gladys Noon Spellman (grades K-6), which opened in January 1991, has an enrollment of 270 students and is located in the corporate limits of the Town. Students in grade 7-8 attend Charles Carroll Middle School, while students in grades 9-12 attend Bladensburg High School in the Town of Bladensburg. One parochial school, St. Ambrose Catholic School (grades K-8), is located with the corporate limits of the Town.

Higher education opportunities are provided to Town residents through numerous public and private post-secondary institutions located throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

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