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Cheverly News and Announcements: Cheverly Boom 12/2/12
Residents throughout town reported hearing a significant “Boom” on the evening of 12/2/12 at approximately 8:30pm.  The “boom” was more significant than any that have occurred recently, and covered a much larger geographic area.  Folks in Hyattsville, North Brentwood and Mount Ranier also heard the “boom”.   
After the “boom” the Cheverly Police reached out to peers in other jurisdictions.  There is general agreement that the source of the boom was a firework exploding at the opening of the Monday Night Football Game at  Fedex Stadium.   This corresponds exactly to the time of the “boom”.   Patrons at the stadium attest to a very large single explosion occurred.  Fedex Stadium is positioned on a high geographic point which would explain the sound and vibration carrying so far.  
Monday’s event caused a lot of community discussion regarding the source of Cheverly “Booms.”  This topic was last covered in the October Town Newsletter (  

Below is a summary of the three types of “booms” that residents hear.  The categories below are not scientific; instead they represent the current thinking of town staff and the resulting actions we are pursuing.  
  • Traditional “Booms”: These are most commonly heard on the West Side of town, mostly in Ward 2 but occasionally in Old Ward 4 and Ward 1.  Their frequency has tapered off over the last two years but they still occur.  We have been working with the Smith Company to cross reference when these occur with their hours of operation. We have not yet had a correlation but we have a commitment from the company to work with us.  We contact them whenever a boom is identified.
  • “Potential Railroad Booms”: These “booms” are heard throughout town and happen much less frequently, although there have been two this year.  Residents who have grown up near rail yards report that these booms are unmistakably the sound of “dead heading”.  “Dead Heading” is a process whereby trains cars are let loose in a yard and then collide with other standing train cars.  Two of the last three “booms” that have occurred in town would be placed in this category.  The Town has reached out to CSX and is trying to establish a meeting to discuss this possibility.  
  • “Universal Booms”: These are very infrequent and may not be attributable to one source.  The last “boom” that could be placed in this category occurred on April 20th, 2010.  The “boom” on 12/2/12 clearly falls into this category as the impacted geographic area was much greater than Cheverly.  We will reach out to Andrews Air Force base and The Washington Redskins to see if we can get information.
Cheverly continues to offer a $2,500 reward to anyone who can verify the source of the “booms”.  The Town Administration is interested in any thoughts resident might have on this topic.  Please write to,, or call the Town Office at 301-773-8360.


Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785
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