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10/14/10 Worksession
Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
October 14, 2010

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs Riazi, Tevault, Eldridge and Schachter.

Pledge of Allegiance


Minutes – Town Meeting 9/9/10
Approved as written.

Minutes – Worksession 9/23/10
Approved as written.

Moment of Silence in Honor of Natasha Pettigrew

Town Administrator Report
Mr. Warrington we have signed the contracts with the company that will be preparing the youth development program, the property at 5901 Medical Terrace has cleared all their permit approvals and we will have more information at the Worksession, we have posted the leaf collection schedule on the website and we hope to keep it current as weather and equipment breakdowns call for corrections.  The auditors have come and gone and we should be filing our Uniform Financial Report with the State soon.

CM Tevault wanted to recognize the installation of the first speed hump and looks forward to the installation of the second.

Police Department Report
Chief Robshaw correction on the Police Department Report where it says starting October 1, 2010 you can not operate a vehicle unless it is hands free, the missing word is telephone.  Our crime figures are again down and we are pleased with this.  We did have a break in and have a suspect vehicle look out and it will be placed on our website tomorrow.  The driver is a black male in his 40s to 50s with a balding head.  The tag was a stolen tag.  Thanks to everyone who attended, aided and participated in our recent Public Safety Day.  We just received a $15,000 grant from SHA to address aggressive driving, DUI, pedestrian safety and we got a grant for $26,000 to purchase tough book computers for our police vehicles, which should hold up better in the police vehicles.  We received the only DOJ grant in Prince George’s County is $261,000 for the hiring of an officer for 3 years and Cheverly must pick-up the salary for the 4th year.  

CM Eldridge I want to express my appreciation for the staff’s help with bike to school day.  The police helping the kids register the bikes was great as well.

Committee Reports

Barbara Pejokovich at 7pm on the 26th we will be holding our Recreation Council meeting and all are welcome.  The Halloween Party is Sunday, October 31st.  The parade starts at 3:45 at Tot Park and the party is at the community center at 4.  We will have food for the children prior to the beginning of trick-or-treating at 6pm.  Volunteers are welcome.  The first Saturday in December will be the Holiday party at 11am.
CM Tevault the Cheverly Day Saturday May 14th.  It is a parade year and the dance is Friday the 13th.

Ms. Salo mark your calendars for November 6th at 9am for the Cheverly Our Bay Starts Here program in the Community Center.  There will be lots of information and activity and we will be installing stormdrain decals, join us.  

Citizen Input

Mayor and Council Announcements

Mayor Callahan  For the Worksession we have: the building use policy, Amending the parking section, discussion about the new ethics requirements, 5901 Medical Terrace, a look at the photo enforcement division’s financials, Gast Park equipment,  the Capital Improvement Program overview and a  first quarter budget update. The scheduled Town Meeting is on the holiday November 11th and unless there is objection, we will keep that date and we will move the Worksession from Thanksgiving to Tuesday the 23rd.  If you can’t do that, please let us know by tomorrow afternoon.

CM Riazi I would like to hear from Ward 1 constituents on the Building Use Policy Proposal.

CM Eldridge I want to congratulate all of the people running for office and I am impressed with the number of Cheverly residents.

Mayor I want to note that today’s Gazette has a headline regarding safety measure improvement commitments from SHA for the traffic patterns for pedestrians and vehicles going to and from the Metro Station.  There are limits to the improvements, but they will give it their best.  I want to thank the County and our Public Works Director for the completion of the Magruder Springs Project.  Our next step will be how to best showcase the Spring.  The WSSC water tower on Tremont is gone and we thank them.  New news is that we got an email and Chief Jones has indicated that with the graduation of the two newest classes, the Tuxedo-Cheverly fire station probably will re-open in June.  There may be volunteers in there before June.  The 2700 block of Cheverly Avenue and the Belleview block on the other side have been issued a questionnaire to those residents for their input and we will collect that data and try to bring it to Pepco to remedy the situation.  If we are missing anyone, please contact the Town offices.

Proclamation Honoring Ms. Nancy McGuirk

Mayor read the Proclamation Honoring Ms. McGuirk for her years of service and lifetime achievement at the CUMC Weekday Nursery. Presented a key to the Town to Ms. McGuirk.

  • Motion CM Tevault to excuse CM Watson.  Seconded CM Eldridge.  Approved 4-0. CM Schachter absent.
Proclamation Designating October as Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Awareness Month in Cheverly

CM Eldridge read the Proclamation Designating October as Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Awareness Month in Cheverly.

  • Motion CM  Eldridge to approve the Proclamation.  Seconded CM Riazi. Approved 4-0. CM Schachter absent.
Adoption O-4-10 Amending the Speed Hump Process

Mr. Warrington this Ordinance is before you for adoption. What we are doing in this Ordinance is removing the requirement to post a legal ad for the public hearing in a newspaper of record.  This is expensive and in this day and age not overly effective.  This ordinance will take it out of code as a requirement.

  • Motion CM  Tevault to adopt O-4-10 Amending the Speed Hump Process.  Seconded CM Riazi.  Approved 4-0. CM Schachter absent.
Adoption Resolution R-7-10 MML Revenue Sharing Issue

Mr. Warrington this Resolution has been issued by the Maryland Municipal League asking all the member municipalities to support the request to have the General Assembly re-instate the normal revenue designated for municipal governments, police aid and highway user revenues that have been taken by the State for the past two years because of the States Budget problems.  The Mayor and Council had some concern about this resolution, but we have been assured that this resolution will address the cuts.

  • Motion CM Tevault to adopt R-7-10 Regarding State Revenue Sharing.  Seconded CM Riazi.  Approved 5-0

Authorization - Letter Requesting a Sector Plan

Mayor drafted a letter to County Councilmember Andrea Harrison requesting the inclusion of a Sector Plan study for the area between the 450 Sector Plan and the Tuxedo Sector Plan.  Tonight we are seeking Council approval to send.  By a show of hands we can approve to send. Okay.

  • Motion CM Tevault to excuse CM Watson.  Seconded CM Eldridge.  Approved 5-0

Meeting adjourned.
Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
October 14, 2010

  • Motion CM  Tevault to approve the Proclamation Honoring Nancy McGuirk.  Seconded CM Riazi.  Approved 4-0.  CM Schachter absent
  • Motion CM  Eldridge to approve the Proclamation Designating October as Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Awareness Month in Cheverly.  Seconded CM Riazi. Approved 4-0. CM Schachter absent.
  • Motion CM Tevault to adopt R-7-10 Regarding State Revenue Sharing.  Seconded CM Riazi.  Approved 5-0
  • Motion CM Tevault to excuse CM Watson.  Seconded CM Eldridge.  Approved 5-0

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785
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