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August 9, 2018 Town Meeting

Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
   August 9, 2018

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs, Riazi, Eldridge, Garcia and MacKenzie

Pledge of Allegiance


Minutes – Town Meeting        7/12/18

Minutes – Worksession         7/26/18

• CM Riazi Motion to excuse CM Stewart.  Seconded CM Garcia. Approved 4-0.

• CM MacKenzie Motion to excuse CM Ivey.  Seconded CM Eldridge. Approved 4-0.

Town Administrator’s Report

Mr. Warrington we are preparing for our upcoming FY18 audit.

CM Eldridge are there any updates on the Traffic Study and what the timing will be on this item?

Mr. Warrington we have forwarded all of the questions/input from the Mayor and Council to the contractor for their input/inclusion in their report.  That report was scheduled for this evening, but is now scheduled for the September Town Meeting.

CM Riazi can you provide the status of the lot across from the Exxon station and how that lot will be maintained?

Mr. Warrington the property owner has all his required permits from WSSC, Washington Gas and the County and we expect it to be down in the next 4-6 weeks.  Once the building is down the lot will be considered an unimproved lot and we will be applying those requirements per our Code regarding the maintenance.

CM MacKenzie regarding the Traffic Study are they going to come back and look at the roads that they were supposed to have looked at the first time around?

Mr. Warrington we have forwarded them the concerns and they have indicated that they have looked at all of the roads in their original study.

Mayor I still have not looked at the report, but can we go back through the report as they are saying they have looked at all the requested streets.

CM MacKenzie I will go through the report again and send you the issues.

Chief’s Report

Chief Robshaw July’s crime report was our best month this year.  I want to recognize a number of Cheverly residents.  Three citizens helped us close 3 different burglaries and 3 citizens helped us close 3 theft incidents.  So, the power of team Cheverly is to work together for positive results and this is a clear indication of this type of team effort.  We did a street meet at CUMC for the skating party.  We also had a street meet at the market where we signed-up 65 more residents to Team Cheverly.  Our next Chief’s Advisory Board meeting is next Tuesday and the public is welcome.  We have 2 new officers on the street.  They are lateral transfers, so they will be available as soon as they are familiar with our operations and the town. Finally this year’s Public Safety Day is scheduled for Thursday, September 20th.

CM MacKenzie first, thank-you for reading to the children at the Market story time.  I had a parent come up to me and say that her son had been terrified of the police and that now he was okay with them.  Do our police do car seat checks?

Chief Robshaw we don’t have anyone specifically trained and I think it is now a 48 hour course because of all the different makes and models.  I might be able to get someone to come in for an event to do the checks.

Recreation Council

Barbara Pejokovich the utilization meeting for the gym will be at 7pm on September 13th in the conference room.  If you plan on using the gym, you will need a representative at the meeting.  The Rec Council will have the Flea Market on Saturday, October 15th.  The money raised is for the 3 $500 scholarships for college.  This year we did not have any applications.  On Tuesday September 27th we will have our first Rec Council meeting.  Our Halloween party will be October 27th this year.  We need help and volunteers and teens can get school credit for service hours.  

Green Infrastructure Committee

Sheila Salo how are we doing on our Baywise yards?  We have 8 yards certified, 7 private and one public.  Ward 4 is ahead on yards certified. You can get certified by doing a number of things, some you may already be doing.  If you are interested go to our website  You can also pick-up a brochure this Saturday at the next market. Be wise, be Baywise.  

Cheverly Day Committee

Mayor the Cheverly Day Committee will start in September.
Planning Board Report

CM Eldridge the Planning Board meeting is next week.  Our meetings are at 7:30 and all are welcome to attend.  We are looking for more representation for the board.

Baltimore-Washington Parkway Discussion

Mayor we had a public hearing to get citizen input on the new proposal from Governor Hogan.  We are not in favor of transferring the BW Parkway to the State.  We are working with a coalition of Mayors along the Parkway and we are reaching out to our delegation and some experts on this matter.  We discussed the 2011 Study of the Parkway which we found envisioned expansion of the Parkway while still under the Department of Interior.  If transferred to the State it becomes a State Highway not a Parkway.  So, transfer and expansion of the Parkway, then trucks will be allowed to use it.  

CM Riazi community members are looking for ways to get involved and you can connect to the Facebook page Save Our Cheverly Green Space is where you can find information on this matter.

CM Eldridge I think that all the money this will take to do, they can invest a quarter of that in jobs and the schools in the County to keep people working here where they don’t have to travel to get to their jobs.  The study in 2011 did not include the truck count and now you will have to add 10-20% additional impact.

Citizen Input

Second Reading O-4-18 Amending the Personnel Section Healthy Families Act

Mr. Warrington the State has passed legislation regarding leave and the Town must amend its current Personnel code in order to be in compliance.  We were very close to being in compliance, but this will be passed in September and will make us whole. This will change aspects of our sick leave policy.

Introduction O-5-18 Amending the Personnel Section Healthy Families Act

Mr. Warrington the change in this legislation comes out or out Police Department/Code Enforcement division.  There is an issue with properties not being inspected for rental licenses.  There is no provision for revocation if there are 3 scheduled rental inspections and access is not granted by December 1st of the year.  There is only a handful that this law will allow them to deal with this matter.

Budget Adjustment – Multi Use Courts

Mr. Warrington the Mayor and Council made changes to the multi-use court and this budget adjustment will fund those changes.

Mayor we have changed the Town Plan and will now have larger courts down on the tennis courts, which are not used for tennis.  There will now have basketball and soccer.  Also, we will be adding pickle ball courts.  Pickle ball is taking over for tennis and it is a quick fast based game.  It is catching on with leagues and great interest.  It’s a really, really good idea.  We also want to please the kids on the court and one evening I spoke to the kids and they asked for clear baskets.

CM Riazi we had talked about a volleyball court as well, was that discussed?

Mayor we did discuss that and he talked us out of that and there is a group that plays at the pool courts during the summer, spring and fall as well as Hoyer in the winter.  

•  MOTION CM Riazi to authorize a budget adjustment in the amount of $17,500 for the multi-use courts.  Seconded CM Eldirdge. Approved 4-0.

Mayor and Council Announcements

CM MacKenzie the Farmer’s Market will be Saturday.  We will be doing a STEM focused story time at 10 am for older children K-8. We are collecting money and items for a school supply drive.  We are expanding to other schools this year as well.

CM Riazi the Council gave a $2,000 grant to the CPRC and we have included other schools with Cheverly families at Chavez, Seat Pleasant and Judith P. Hoyer Montessori.  If you can’t make the market you can donate via square –up.  Coming up is a hands only CPR for adults sponsored by the Cheverly Village and you must sign up by September 16th or you can email at        or call 240-770-1033   .

Mayor  For the Worksession I want to look at a tree vacancy study prepared by a Pepco Arborist  – Traffic Survey discussion – Building Use discussion – Progress on the BW Parkway – Cheverly as a Historic District.  -

Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
August 9, 2018

  • MOTION CM Riazi to excuse CM Stewart.  Seconded CM Garcia. Approved 4-0.
  • MOTION CM MacKenzie to excuse CM Ivey.  Seconded CM Eldridge. Approved 4-0.  
  • MOTION CM Riazi to authorize a budget adjustment in the amount of $17,500 for the multi-use courts.  Seconded CM Eldridge. Approved 4-0.

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