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January 11, 2018 Town Meeting

Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
                                                                                        January 11, 2018

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs, Riazi, Ivey, Eldridge, Stewart, Garcia, and MacKenzie

Pledge of Allegiance


Mayor we are going to add 9.5 regarding assessments.

Minutes – Town Meeting                12/14/17

Minutes – Special Meeting     12/14/17

Recognizing Holiday Decorating Award Winners
Mayor recognized Mr. Randal as the first place winner, who was present, and other winners.

Chief’s Report

Chief Robshaw the month of December had a large number of thefts, which were mostly shop lifting.  We hope to have a citizens meeting and come up with new strategies.  We will be using some anti-theft processes in the shopping center.  Effective January 1st we switched over to the new County multi-million dollar information system and it requires 20 hours of training.  So, getting statistics will be difficult for the first 6 months.  All our report writing will now be done electronically.  Cops, kids and families was a great success and the kids had a good time.  Wal-Mart gave us sales people as escorts, the kids came back to get additional gifts from Mosaic and they had lunch.  We also raised $2,000 for the families as well.  Thanks to CM Riazi who introduced us to a teacher in the school to identify the families.  

Mayor looking at your crime map, people always have questions about where the Police spend their time and I think this map explains where and why are police are in certain locations.  Maybe we should do a display in the front lobby to feature all that the police department does and I will leave that up to you.

Chief Robshaw We need citizens to come to our meetings and work as partners on a team to get their input and assistance.

Mayor I would like to make sure that there is someone from the Department present on January 25th when the traffic consultant is here gathering citizen input for the upcoming study.  I think the police perspective is important.

Town Administrator’s Report

Mr. Warrington we ask people to observe the snow emergency parking restrictions.  The Town Code requires folks to clear their sidewalks within 24 hours of a snow greater than 1 inch.  This is a double edges sword.  Some folks want it strictly enforced with tickets and some folks think that it shouldn’t.  We have had times when the Mayor and Council have asked us to vigorously enforce and sometimes when the Mayor and Council have asked us to cut people some slack.  So, you just have to pick your poison.

Mayor I was shoveling my walk and I did see our Kuboto sidewalk snow plow working the sidewalks.  This allows us to get our sidewalks done so we can then get to the County and State sidewalks on the Columbia Park Road Bridge and Route 202.

Green Infrastructure Committee

Mayor they are excited about the work to be done by Pepco in the Wayne Street corridor to make it a meadow.  There were conversations to do more certifications for the Town.

CM Eldridge that is very exciting about Pepco, but what about other areas like alleys?

Mayor it is worth exploring and they may be happy if appropriate.

Cheverly Day Committee

Mayor I need to get a meeting scheduled.  Everybody is welcome, we would love to have you.   
Planning Board Report

CM Eldridge most of the conversation was about the Addison Road Development.  It is going to be about 600 units with mixed use development, a hotel and some retail.  We will keep tabs on that and see how it goes.  

Mayor I have an update about the potential new hotel by the Wyndom.  This other hotel did not knock the socks off the RDA.  It wasn’t the quality of a proposal that we would want.  The RDA wants to have a meeting with the Town and it might be possible that the same people will bid, but they will know the desires of the Town.  

Citizen Input

Public Hearing – 59th Avenue Speed Hump

Mr. Warrington we followed the procedures of the Town Code, by verifying the signatures, sending notices to everyone on the block regarding the public hearing and placed a notice of the public hearing in the Town Newsletter.

Mayor the Town Council have changed their policy and tried to get away from speed humps and install raised crosswalks at stop signs when we were resurfacing a road.  We are always open to look at all traffic calming items throughout the town.  

CM Ivey I had conversations about this speed hump and we looked at the numbers and I did inform them that it is not likely that a speed hump would be implemented where they requested it.  Contact your Councilmember if you have concerns in other areas of the town.  

Mayor I am opening the public hearing.  I am now going to close the public hearing.  We have 15 days to vote and since we had no public input we will vote on this at the Worksession.

Adoption O-1-18 Non-Intervention Ordinance

Mayor I know there were discussions today of changing the Whearas preamble to this, which doesn’t change the Ordinance.  I am going to ask for a motion to adopt and then accept motions to amend.

CM Ivey this is the first step for us as a Council to move the Town forward.  We will be putting forward other Ordinances and Resolutions.  We should all be proud of this as a Town.

•     CM Ivey I make a motion to adopt O-1-18 Non Intervention Act for Cheverly.  Seconded CM MacKenzie.

CM Riazi we as a Council looked at broadening and clarifying the preamble during the November meeting.  I am proposing changes that do not affect the body of the legislation.  

•     CM Riazi a motion to amend the preamble. Seconded CM Ivey.  Approved 6-0.

CM Eldridge can we remove the word benefit since I work a lot in HR and this seems like it relates to that.

CM Riazi the word benefit does appear in the preamble and we could strike it from there.

Mayor so is everyone okay with striking it in the preamble?  Okay, great.

Mayor would like to strike the word benefit from the text of the Ordinance.  Do I have any comment on that change?  We offer services not benefits.  

CM MacKenzie I would like to keep benefits in there as it makes people feel like a full member of the Town.
CM Eldridge I would suggest 28.3 be changed to Town Benefits, Services and Opportunities

Mayor CM Ivey do you accept that change?

CM Ivey no I would rather maintain that section as titled.  I think it is broad enough and specific enough to address the needs as written.

CM Stewart as I read it, there is clarity in the section that does not require any changes.

Second Reading – Ordinance O-2-17 Traffic Calming

Mr. Warrington this is the Mayor and Council’s request to amend our Speed Hump section of the Code to become Traffic Calming which will take all the requirements for speed humps and extend them to all traffic calming devices.  

CM Eldridge My feeling is that citizens are excellent at identifying an issue and sometimes we have one tool in the tool box and my intent is to give our town experts an opportunity to weigh in and offer solutions that are appropriate for that area.

Mayor and Council Announcements

Mayor there will be a meeting here at 7pm, which will probably be in the Lobby, to get input from citizens regarding the traffic study for the northeast quadrant we have commissioned.  This is an opportunity for residents to tell the contractor what problems they have and where the problems are occurring.  The contractor will then incorporate this input as they perform their study and make recommendations to us.

CM Stewart Cheverly United Methodist Church is having a chili supper on Tuesday at 5:30 and will be having a Financial Peace University class and it is every other Saturday at 1pm go to the church’s website for details.  There will be a Ward 4 Pot Luck Dinner on the 20th   

Mayor I am encouraging all of you when you go to a Delegate forum or a County Council forum to ask those candidates “What are you going to do to restore Highway User Revenues?”   Now the Worksession agenda items: Traffic Engineering Study input, application for Disabled on-street parking, Discussion Mobilite cell pole attachments, FY17 Audit, Capital Improvement Program and the Position Description.

CM Eldridge if possible can we get a timeline update regarding the Hospital as it has been in the news lately?  Also, can we reach out to get an update on the church on Medical Terrace?

Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
January 11, 2018
  • CM Ivey I make a motion to adopt O-1-18 Non Intervention Act for Cheverly.  Seconded CM MacKenzie  Approved 6-0.
  • CM Riazi a motion to amend the preamble. Seconded CM Ivey.  Approved 6-0.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785
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