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February 11, 2016 Town Meeting Minutes

Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
  February 11, 2016

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs, Riazi, Coolen, Eldridge, Stewart, Rodgers and Daly.

Pledge of Allegiance


Minutes – Town Meeting        1/14/16

Minutes – Worksession         1/28/16

Chief’s Report

Chief Robshaw a couple things, the advantage of the blizzard is that there was no crime. Everybody stayed home and there was very little traffic on the roadway.  I was contacted by a man who used a website to sell some items in his house.  He received a check in the mail from an individual that was $700 more than the appliances he was selling.  He called the number and the person said to send him the difference in a money order.  The check was fraudulent and he avoided the scam.  If you get anything that makes you suspicious please call me since I have seen various scams and would like to help you.  We will investigate it.  You can not allow anyone to smoke in a car if you have children under 8 years old in the car.  We will cite you for this violation.  Finally, I observed a bicycle speeding through a stop sign on Forest.  I pulled the individual over and he seemed unaware that all bicycles must obey all traffic rules.  Call me for a home security survey.  An hour of my time may save you a lot of time if you are burglarized.  We are going to put on an Expo soon in which we will put on demonstrations here at City Hall to give citizens ideas of how to protect their vehicles and homes.
 Town Administrator’s Report

Mr. Warrington we want to thank the Town residents for obeying the snow parking regulations during the snow.  We did not have to tow a single vehicle.  It makes it easier for the Town to plow and we did not hit any vehicles.  We are looking for a potential for snow and ice on Monday, so we are asking everyone to again follow the snow parking procedures.  We have repaired about 70% of our equipment since the snow.  We anticipate the next snow will not have these volumes.  We are applying for FEMA funds for some of our expenses from the blizzard.  

Recreation Council

Ms. Pejokovich there will be a meeting on February 23rd at 7pm.  On March 26th at 11 am we will have the Easter Egg Hunt.  On April 9th we will have our Spring Flea Market.  The money from the tables is used to fund the 3 $500 scholarships for college.  I will be taking reservations for the tables in early March, just call me.  We need a new group to take over our baked goods table.  

Green Infrastructure Committee

Mayor two things: they met with the MNCPPC regarding the Sector Plan.  They are coming-up with a series of recommendations for the Council to consider. Also, they are looking at a grant that they want to do green street in the Quincy or Montrose Street area.

Cheverly Day Committee

CM Daly we are looking for people to participate in the parade the application will be on the website. We always need more volunteers.  We will be meeting on Monday night at Mayor Callahan’s house at 7:30.  We would love to have you, please reach out to me or Mayor Callahan.
Planning Board Report

CM Eldridge MNCPPC hosted a meeting on the Cheverly Sector Plan.  There were some really interesting ideas presented and you can search Cheverly Sector Plan to find the presentation and they are still taking public comment.  They next Planning Board Meeting is the second Tuesday in March and they are going to have MNCPPC folks to talk about the Sector Plan and the Prince George’s County Zoning update, so plan on attending that meeting.

Mayor we reviewed the letter for Wal-Mart and Smithfield.  The Smithfield building was rezoned to I-3 and the applicant wants it rezoned to I-2.  We will be opposing that request.  We had a spirited conversation in the zoning re-write, but where does a sector plan work in this process.    

Citizen Input

Mr. Fred Price, Jr. of 62nd Avenue some people are upset about the little banner you have in the newsletter about black history month, I am the messenger, don’t kill the messenger.  We have the old ward four reunion on Valentine’s Day and two people on the program have not responded and we are concerned if they will be there.  When we heard that 4 plows were down my neighbor said that is poor maintenance and this might be a case for a tax increase, but my neighbor said they got a $1.6 million surplus and they bought a house for $300,000 and don’t know what to do with it or have a dog and cat park.

Mayor just to clarify, I did say yes when you asked me 2 months ago.

Introduction Ordinance O-1-16 Amending the Housing Code

Town Administrator this ordinance is a housekeeping item related to a landlord’s requirement to provide heat to a rental unit.  The wording in our code references outside temperature and frankly is very convoluted when you are trying to read it and find what should be a very simple answer.  This will require a minimum of 68 degrees.  

Introduction Ordinance O-2-16 Amending the Personnel Section

Town Administrator this is also a housekeeping item regarding Holiday Pay.  This proposed ordinance identifies two different sets of employees: essential and non-essential.  Not that we are not all essential, the essential refers to shift employees, like the police, that have to work on holidays.  Also, our code currently defines the holiday as the federally recognized holiday.  So, if the holiday falls on a Sunday and the Town recognizes it on Monday, the police officer that actually worked on the Sunday/Holiday would not be compensated as such as we recognize the “federally recognized holiday”, which would be on Monday.  As you can see we need to do some housekeeping and clean-up this portion of the Code.

Mayor have we culturally been doing this correctly, but the Code is not right?  Correct.

Budget Adjustment – Public Works Equipment

Town Administrator as a result of the storm, the Mayor and Council asked Mr. Torres to prepare an analysis of what went right and what went wrong and how we could improve.  One of the items Mr. Torres identified was a piece of equipment that could be of great assistance in a skid steer.  We are using our backhoes to clear intersections, which are not designed for this with the boom on the back and the wide radius needed for turning.

CM Eldridge so these can be used for other things other than snow removal.  Does this budget adjustment have equipment for other uses?

Town Administrator yes this can be used in the spring for moving dirt and trees as well as other activities.  It comes with the bucket in the front to perform various activities.

Mayor it is amazing to see what WSSC does with these skid steers up and down Cheverly Avenue.  In the Worksession the question was also how do we get to the sidewalks quicker.  We must get our sidewalks cleared first before we get to the bridge to Metro and Route 202, which are not our responsibility, but we have asked our staff to absorb.  It is my understanding that this will give us the horsepower to get to the sidewalks faster.  We are not responsible, but want to increase safety.

CM Rodgers outside the apartments I saw people standing in the street waiting for the bus and this is a serious and dangerous situation.

  • CM Riazi to make a budget adjustment in the Public Works Equipment account in the amount of $40,000 for the purchase of a used skid steer. CM Daly seconded.Approved 6-0.
Wal – Mart Expansion

Mayor the Capital Plaza Wal-Mart has put in a request to expand the store to provide groceries.  We remain in opposition as a Council.  We have reached out to Bladensburg and Landover Hills and I have written on their behalf a vision of what we want surrounding the Wal-Mart.  I should have a final version by the Worksession.  The three Mayors are meeting with the owner of Capital Plaza tomorrow.  

CM Riazi the question is what level of development, how do weget engagement and what can Wal-Mart do to do better than what they are proposing. We inside the Beltway deserve better.

Mayor I have put this in the Newsletter and received no feedback.  So, if you have feedback on this matter, please contact me or your councilmember.

Mayor and Council Announcements

CM Coolen next Friday the Community Market is holding a wine and art fundraiser at the American Legion from 8 to 11.  You can taste Maryland wines.  We have 15 Cheverly artists that have donated art that we will be auctioning off in a silent auction.  It is $35 per couple or $20 for a single.  So, please come.  

CM Riazi just want to start out with a big thank you to the police and public works for getting us through the storm and the community for working together to make a difference.  There is a fundraiser at the American Legion on March 5th at 8pm which is a raise the roof fundraiser.  The tickets are $20 in advance and proceeds will help with various projects at the Legion

CM Stewart I want to thank Public Works for their hard work during the storm.  There was an incident on Parkway where an ambulance was stuck and the Department of Public Works responded and pulled the ambulance out, coming to the rescue.  I hope to see everyone at the Ward 4 celebration on Sunday and Mr. Price I will be there.

CM Rodgers just want to touch bases with the ongoing Folger Pratt where they can sign-up for the Boys and Girls Club.  They set aside some money, so please take advantage of it by going to the rental office and sign-up.

Mayor  we tried to put together a warming center in case the power went out.  The Legion, CUMC, St. Ambrose and Town Hall were all willing to participate.  Fortunately we did not have a need.  I want to thank Pepco as well during the storm.  Worksession items: Discussion at 6301 Kilmer about how to proceed, Tremont Avenue Speedhump request, Valley Way Speedhump request, FY16 Audit Review, C.I.P. Items, Discussion of Earth Conservation Corps Grant, Liquor License Requests, Inter-municipal Bike Infrastructure MOU.

CM Eldridge our public works director before the snow storm went down Cheverly Avenue and knocked on doors to discuss with people where they may best locate their cars prior to the snow.  I don’t see where that would happen anywhere else in this area.

CM Rodgers down there in the apartment complex, a gentleman who was not dressed for the snow put plastic bags on his dress shoes and shoveled me out.  I thank him.

Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
February 11, 2016
1 CM Riazi to make a budget adjustment in the Public Works Equipment account in the amount of $40,000 for the purchase of a used skid steer. CM Daly seconded.Approved 6-0.

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