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March 10, 2016 Town Meeting Minutes

Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
    March 10, 2016

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs, Riazi, Coolen, Eldridge, Stewart and Daly.

Pledge of Allegiance


  • CM Eldridge to excuse CM Rodgers. CM Coolen seconded. Approved 5-0.
Minutes – Town Meeting        2/11/16

Minutes – Worksession         2/25/16

Chief’s Report

Chief Robshaw you will be getting a new crime report.  On April 9th there is a Flea Market and the Police will be sponsoring a home security expo next door in the station from 10 am until Noon.  All of the information will help make your house less of a target.  You can still get an in home survey.  We are in the hiring process and we have a number of candidates.  I am not going to discuss the homicides in detail tonight, but I can tell you that we were on the scene in 35 seconds and we were able to supply that night a lot of detail information about the victims and suspect.  We knew within 30 minutes that the suspect was out of the state and well away from the Town.  There was no danger to anyone in the Town.  The three children that were left have prompted the apartment complex owners and the police to try to aid the survivors.  We will post something on News and Announcements.   We appreciate with all the construction on Cheverly Avenue that we have had no accidents and everyone is driving carefully.
 Town Administrator’s Report

Mr. Warrington we are finishing up in the gym and March Madness and Mr. Torres is working hard to get the baseball fields ready.  We are waiting for DNR to approve our POS funding to install a new backstop in Town Park.    

Recreation Council

Ms. Pejokovich on March 26th at 11 we will have the Easter Egg Hunt.  We have 1st and 2nd place gifts for all four groups.  On April 9th we will have our Spring Flea Market. The money from the tables is used to fund the 3 $500 scholarships for college.  I just call me as there might be a table that turns-up.  We need a new group to take over our baked goods table. We have someone for this year, but we would love a permanent group for the future.  We need vounteers to put the eggs out for the Easter Egg hunt, so volunteers should report before the event to help.

Green Infrastructure Committee

Sheila Salo I have a long list of events.  We are doing a repeat performance of Wild Cheverly photo contest for this year’s Cheverly Day.  This year there is an emphasis on trees.  All photos will be on display on Cheverly day. Thursday, March 17th the Town will again host the great spring clean-up in Lower Beaver Dam Creek.  April 23rd there will be a clean-up by the Anacostia Water Shed Society, you can register on their website:  June 24th at the Market there will be the rain barrel extravaganza and compost bins will be available.  There will be educational games as well for young and old.

Cheverly Day Committee

CM Daly May 21st is a parade year, so bring on your floats.  We have a new website:  We have a place about the world we want on the website.  You can also nominate anyone you want to be in the dunk tank. Our next meeting is March 14th at 7:30 at Mayor Callahan’s house.  We need as many volunteers as possible.
Planning Board Report

CM Eldridge it was a very full agenda.  We discussed the update of the County Zoning Code and the process.  We had a presentation from the developer of Cheverly West across from Pinkey’s Park.  He is interested in changing his development plan to increase the density.  We also talked a little bit about the Cheverly Sector Plan and its delay with the changing of MNCPPC staff changes.

Mayor we reviewed the letter for Wal-Mart and Smithfield.  The Smithfield building was rezoned to I-3 and the applicant wants it rezoned to I-2.  We will be opposing that request.  We had a spirited conversation in the zoning re-write, but where does a sector plan work in this process.   

Citizen Input

Second Reading Ordinance O-1-16 Amending the Housing Code

Town Administrator this ordinance is a housekeeping item related to a landlord’s requirement to provide heat to a rental unit.  This will require a minimum of 68 degrees and will make it more clear and concise.  

Second Reading Ordinance O-2-16 Amending the Personnel Section

Town Administrator this is a second reading and will be up for passage next month.  Again this is a housekeeping item regarding designating essential and non-essential employees regarding Holiday Pay.    The Town is also trying to clarify how we recognize the “federally recognized holiday” regarding essential and non-essential employees.

Proclamation Declaring April 6, 2016 as Arbor Day in Cheverly

Town Administrator Mr. Torres and his crew will be having a planting on April 6th to recognize Arbor Day in Cheverly.  This proclamation is a requirement for our Tree City USA designation and we ask that you pass it tonight since our April meeting will be after the fact.

  • CM Riazi to approve the Proclamation Designating April 6, 2016 as Arbor Day in Cheverly. CM Coolen seconded.Approved 5-0.
Statement Regarding V-129-15

Town Administrator this property is in the Cheverly Industrial Park and CTI Towing is the company with this request.  In October we worked with all of the Industrial Park residents to correct violations on various properties.  Everyone worked with us and corrected the issues except for CTI Towing.  They did nothing and the County cited them for Zoning violations.  I have never heard of this, but they are asking for a Variance from the violation notice before the Board of Zoning Appeals to be overturned.  We just found this out yesterday.  The County amended the Zoning Code in 2004 they allowed vehicle storage lots in I-1.  In my opinion and in the County inspector’s opinion this is an impound lot.  All of these cars are sitting on an unpaved surface with a creek running behind it.  MDE has been out, but did not do anything.  I am asking the Mayor and Council to oppose this variance request and requiring them to comply with the County Zoning.  They have trailers without Use and Occupancy permits, they are stacking cars in the streets and in other business’ lots.  This will be Wednesday night October 23rd before our Worksession, which is why we are asking for approval tonight.  There are also violations of our covenants, which we will deal with in the future.  I think this is critical to keeping our industrial park I-1 rather than I-2.

CM Eldridge does CTI own the property?

Town Administrator no the church next door owns the property and when this is over and we begin fines, they will be to the property owner.

  • CM Eldridge to approve the Statement regarding V-129-15. CM Stewart seconded.Approved 5-0.

Mayor and Council Announcements

CM Riazi Monday March 1st at 6pm the community is invited to visit with their delegation in Annapolis you can RSVP by calling 301-858-3745.  There is a scholarship for 47a and you can contact to find out more.  

CM Eldridge just wanted to thank Superintendent Maxwell and Comptroller Franchot and Councilmember Harrison for meeting with us at Spellman regarding the repair of the elevator.  There were also discussions regarding a grant for an outdoor classroom and looking at grants for upgrades to their play equipment.  

Mayor how do we use 6301 property with the school?  We will be having a meeting in April to discuss this further.  

CM Riazi there is a really wonderful opportunity.  The American Legion is looking to sponsor one or two girls to go to girl’s state.  It is a great leadership opportunity and if you want to reach out contact me.

CM Daly the email address is and the application deadline is coming-up very quickly.

CM Stewart I just wanted to send thoughts, prayers and positive energy to the family and children given the recent tragedy.  I want to put some positivity into the air for all those affected.

Mayor there will be a gathering from the peace group between kids and police from 12 to one at the American Legion and it is an opportunity for our children to interact with our police.

CM Eldridge I also wanted to say thank you to the people from the Old Fourth Ward, the Cheverly Women’s Club and the Little Children for Peace for inviting me to the Black History Month celebration at the American Legion. I learned a lot about the history of our community.

Mayor March 21st during Mayor’s Hours we are going to re-initiate the dog park discussion.  May 2nd is the Cheverly Mayor’s election.  The 18th is the filing deadline.  May 7th is Truck Touch and May 21st is the parade and Cheverly Day.  We are about to enter the budget season in April and May.  June is when it is passed, so get involved before then.  We have a lot of capital needs in this budget.  Vehicles and our Public Works building are needs we want to address.  

Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
March 10, 2016
1.      CM Eldridge to excuse CM Rodgers. CM Coolen seconded.Approved 5-0.
     2.  CM Riazi to approve the Proclamation Designating April 6, 2016 as Arbor Day in         Cheverly. CM Coolen seconded.Approved 5-0.
     3. CM Eldridge to approve the Statement regarding V-129-15. CM Stewart seconded.Approved 5-0.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785
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