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July 14, 2016 Town Meeting Minutes

Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
    July 14, 2016

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs, Riazi, Coolen, Eldridge, Stewart, and Daly.

Pledge of Allegiance


Mayor thanked CM Stewart for the Vigil for Life for the recent victims that was held before the meeting and was very well attended.

Minutes – Town Meeting        6/9/16

Minutes – Worksession         6/28/16

Chief’s Report

Chief Robshaw three quick points is that our violent crime is at an all time low in the community.  I would note that the number of phone calls to the police has increased and that helps us with crime.  During Public Safety Day in early September we will have a 3 person team obstacle course.  This year I would like to see teams from the community to compete in the obstacle course to see who will be the winners.  We will be putting on a program as to how the police operate in the community and will be designed to allow the public to see how the police work and how they can interact with them.  We tell people to lock their car doors, but the first issue is to not keep anything in the car that would tempt a thief to break into your car.  Take away the target.  

Town Administrator’s Report

Mr. Warrington just two items: our new backstop is completed down at Town Park and Mr. Torres will soon be exploring the installation of new retaining wall and second is the Pokeman Go game should not be playing around the Police Station and folks should be careful where they venture to play the game.  As far as Cheverly Avenue, they are finishing-up and Mr. Torres has been very diligent about protecting the assets of the Town.  So, the preparation work has been completed correctly.  We are now waiting for the paving contractor to be scheduled for milling and paving.  The construction in Town Park is a stormwater project to capture the runoff from our parking lots, treat it and then send it toward the Anacostia.    

Recreation Council

No report.

Green Infrastructure Committee

There was no meeting.

Cheverly Day Committee

CM Daly Cheverly Day did a retrospective of the day of rain.  We will be taking up the gauntlet to have this year’s East-West Softball game in September.  Cheverly Day is the 3rd Saturday in 2017.  We have a number of people from retiring from the Committee, so if anyone is interested please contact us.      
Planning Board Report

CM Eldridge the only item discussed was the Cheverly Sector Plan Meeting.
Mayor the Planning Board will be discussing the Tropican Grill that is supposed to be going in by D’Ranch.  There is an Adult Entertainment club scheduled near Fairmount Heights.  The Sector Plan will be written for approval by January and approval by April.  The vision statement was the topic of the latest meeting. A lot of good ideas came out of the MNCPPC most recent meeting.

Citizen Input

Introduction O-5-16 Amending the Personnel Section

Mr. Warrington this is a housekeeping item where we have found that our Code does not reflect our actual practices and the COMAR State of Maryland requirements, which we do follow in practice.  The State sets the standards for how we handle our Workers Compensation Claims and we have been in compliance, but our Code needs to be brought up to date.

Second  Reading O-4-16 Amending the Noise Ordinance

Mr. Warrington this is an amendment to our Noise Ordinance that changes the period between warnings from 7 days to 90 days.  The way the current law reads, you could wait until the eighth day after a warning, create noise and again get another warning.  The Mayor and Council believe that after a warning you should stay in compliance for at least another 90 days.  It will be up for adoption at the next Town Meeting.

Mayor we have news.  We put $50,000 in the budget for a dog park and we have approached SHA to use property that is behind Public Works and SHA has granted us permission as long as we provide them with a site plan.  This is good news.

Mayor and Council Announcements

CM Coolen the next community market will be a week from Saturday morning from 8 to Noon come and enjoy.  

Mayor we recently went to the MML Conference and if you wouldn’t mind, tell us what you picked-up during your announcements.

CM Coolen I went to the cyber security session and it pretty much opened my eyes and scared the pants off of me.

CM Daly there are two other places where stormwater projects are going to be starting at the Legion and at St. Ambrose.  I went to the session at MML that was very interesting as to how to communicate with our residents.

CM Stewart I also went to a session on community policing and one that focused on younger elected officials.  Making connections there was really meaningful for me.

CM Riazi I went to a session on natural play spaces with learning opportunities.  It discussed designing the space and it was a very powerful session with Gaithersburg as an example.  I enjoyed going around and talking to the vendors regarding various services and items.

CM Eldridge the Anacostia Trails Heritage group is moving to a new space in Hyattsville, which is very exciting.  I encourage you to go and check out the new spaces and a formal opening will be in the fall. The bike trail opening does not have an official opening date.  It is heavily used even though not being officially opened.

Mayor sometimes what you learn at MML is not in a session, but by talking to the vendors.  I want to thank Paul Smith regarding the odor that was of concern last week in the community.  We have an issue in that only 3 members will be here for July 28th.  The agenda for the Worksession coming up will include:  Grant Request from the Cheverly Weekday Nursery, Discussion of the Medical Terrace Church, Bamboo, CM Coolen and CM Riazi will talk about the cutting of trees, Theft from Autos, a non-conforming use for Adult Entertainment near Fairmount Heights just outside of our borders.  Can we have a meeting the first week of August? We can tentatively set this schedule for August 4th.

CM Riazi can we raise the question of a raised crosswalk at Tremont and Lockwood?

Mayor yes we can add that to the agenda.

Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
July 14, 2016

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