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October 13, 2016 Town Meeting Minutes

Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
    October 13, 2016

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs, Riazi, Eldridge, Stewart, Rodgers and Daly

Pledge of Allegiance


Minutes – Town Meeting        9/8/16

Minutes – Worksession         9/24/16

  • CM  Rodgers motion excuse CM Coolen. CM Daly seconded. Approved 5-0.
Chief’s Report

Chief Robshaw I have three items tonight. First, thanks to everybody that came to the Public Safety Day.  We estimate there were over 500 citizens in attendance.  Thanks to the American Legion for the food and Pepsi for the donation of all the water.  I want to thank all the other police agencies that were involved like Prince George’s County.  Halloween in Monday the 31st from 6pm to 8pm and we urge parents to keep their children close.  The third item is traffic control at the Cheverly Metro entrance.  We will be out in enforcement and we want you to know that we need people to obey the left merge into the Metro and actually turn and not merge over at the last moment.

Town Administrator’s Report

Mr. Warrington noted that the leaf collection schedule is in the Newsletter.  Please cut it out and post it on your refrigerator so you know when to get your leaves to the curb.  

Mayor discussed the potential for curbside composting and the need to get 100 participants before the program can begin.  We anticipate having the 100 people around the beginning of the year.  Collection will be made on Mondays during yard waste.  There is a slight fee of $25 for materials to be used for collection.

Recreation Council

Ms. Barbara Pejokovich our next meeting will be October 25th at 7pm in the conference room.  We will be discussing the Halloween Party and how the summer playground went this past year.  The Halloween Party is going to be on Saturday, October 29th at Tot Park with a parade at 11am.  The party will be at the Community Center and there will be a parade and crafts and there will be some goodies to eat and drink.

Green Infrastructure Committee

Mayor I attended the meeting and it was exciting.

Cheverly Day Committee

CM Daly Cheverly Day Committee will meet on October 17th at the Community Center at 7:30 and we are looking for anyone who would like to participate.  It is a parade year.
Planning Board Report

CM Eldridge the Planning Board met last Tuesday and the only item on the agenda was an update on the update of the Prince George’s County Zoning Code.  There are proposed changes to the review and approval process.  You can go to the MNCPPC website and you can read the summaries and specifics.  Comments will be received from the community until November 1st.

Citizen Input

WSSC Presentation

Ms. Karen Riley is the Director of Inter-governmental Relations for WSSC and I have Monica Johnson, Crystal Knight-Lee, Damian Lamply, Dr. Gen Shin, and Mathew Campbell.  We have a number of projects in Town for water and sewer main replacements.  We also have provided the projects we have slated for next summer.  We now have a dedicated project manager and she coordinates notices to what work we are planning.  We make every effort to let our customers know what is going on and when.  You will hear from us in March when we hold a community meeting for the upcoming summer projects.  We have done a number of laterals in town and the sidewalk and paving should be completed by the end of the year.  Currently, we have completed a planned water replacement project.  We replaced a 16 inch water main and covered one mile and was last replaced in the 1920’s.  We are working with Mr. Torres to coordinate the paving of Cheverly Avenue.  We believe the sediment in the pipes has been disturbed due to the replacement of this pipe causing discolored water.  We got complaints and started flushing to move out the de-chlorinated water into the stormdrain system.  That did not correct the problem even though we did it 10 to 12 times.  We found 2 valves closed on October 11th we opened those valves to see if that was the cause of the discolored water.

Mr. Lamply valves are usually at intersections and we want the water to flow in both directions and where we found closed valves, by opening them you get water moving continuously throughout the system, thus reducing sediment build-up.  

Ms. Karen Riley we have tested discolored water and found no bacteria and it is safe, but the discolored aspect is not harmful.  We continue to monitor and if we find the problem to persist we will install an automatic flushing system, which should reduce the incidents of discolored water.  Another concern was the response to address the problem.  301-206-4002 if you have discolored water and David Wilkins is the customer advocate that will meet with residents to resolve the matter.  We are also working on the call back to the customer and we are trying to be more proactive in this area.  

Mayor how does all the flushing water that goes into the stormdrain affect a customer’s bill and do you have a measure of how much water is treated versus how much is billed.

Ms. Riley the flushing of water does not affect a customer’s bill.  

Mr. Lamply We have about a 17% water lose due to leaks, fire suppression and flushing.  We do monitor our water lose and are taking proactive measures to address water lose.

Mayor do you have an internal alert system for a bill that is way out of normal. As customers are told to pay their bill and then nothing gets resolved.

Ms. Crystal Knightly we do not have a system alert for a bill.  We do have a system to see a bill that is 500% more may alert us because we are on a 40 year old mainframe computer system.  We may have 1 to 2% that might have an error or need an adjustment.  We have a number of old policies and dispute resolving board will look at a bill that is 3 times higher, then they will look at it.  We have a number of requests that are outstanding.  Adjusting bills will be on a case by case basis and we have 40 different types of adjustments.  

CM Daly one of the other utility companies have sent emails that notes my use is up x% and they offer suggestions as to how to reduce your amount of usage.  Can your system do something like what the electric company is doing?

CM Eldridge when we water our lawn we are paying for the sewer charge and how do we get away from paying that fee when it is not going in the sewer.

Ms. Knightly we are not there yet, but that is where we want to be in the 4 year range.  We would like to go to remote billing, which would allow for monthly versus quarterly billing.  The only way to avoid paying the sewer fee is to have a sub-meter that will allow for different registration of water to not be charged the sewer amount.  People with pools often do this.

CM Riazi with the new water mains, does it add water pressure and do you support water saving actions.  There is concern regarding the cost of WSSC checking for a leak.

Mr. Lamply a new line does not affect pressure.  

Ms. Knightly there is no cost for WSSC to inspect, but if you need a plumber or work to be done then you will have to pay for that service. and he is your customer advocate.  If there is an emergency we will dispatch an inspector.  If it is just a leak, then you will be charged $80 to come in and check for a leak in your house.

Mayor our projects are managed by David and Juan so perhaps we can get feedback on projects here tonight.  Cheverly Avenue has been 18 months.  Our community has been amazingly patient and now everyone is asking when is Cheverly Avenue going to get paved?

Ms. Riley the work is substantially complete.

Mr. Campbell the contactor has until October 25th to complete his punch list.  There are a couple of issues that the contractor is still working on to complete.  One example is the pavers for the brick crosswalk.  The American Legion stormdrain system was holding things.  If Juan is okay, then he can contact us and tell us its time to pave.  

CM Eldridge when can we expect to see the paving of Laurel Avenue from the previous WSSC work there?

Mr. Campbell the issue there is we are in a battle with the contractor and we are negotiating with the contractor as some of the work needs to be replaced.  Repairs need to get done and then we can get the paving completed.  We don’t want to pave and then tear it back-up.  

CM Stewart I am looking at the project list and I see the beginning construction date, but I don’t see an end construction date.

Ms. Riley we will get a better timeline when we get the engineering completed.  We will then be out and discuss this with the Town.

Mayor and Council Announcements

CM Riazi if you are in a home that received a Washington Gas door hanger, please contact them as this is a line replacement program.  You need to contact them or your gas will be turned off after three attempts.  

CM Stewart I want to remind everyone to lock your cars and not leave valuables in your car.  

CM Eldridge the trail connecting Bladensburg to the Anacostia Trail will now connect to the Anacostia Waterfront Park, so you can ride to the Nat’s Park in the future.  Before our next council meeting there will be an election and I hope everyone will get out and vote.

Mayor  The agenda for the Worksession coming up will include: Discussion of Grant request for FLBD, Discussion Grant for Boyd Park, raised crosswalk at Tremont and Lockwood, mats for our gym, warming sites and in closed session Department Head Evaluations.

Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
October 13, 2016
1.  CM  Rodgers motion excuse CM Coolen. CM Daly  seconded. Approved 5-0.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785
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