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March 12, 2015 Town Meeting Minutes

Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
    March 12, 2015

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs, Riazi, Coolen, Eldridge, Thorpe, Rodgers and Cook.

Pledge of Allegiance


Addition – Presentation – Ridges Development

Minutes – Town Meeting        2/12/15

Minutes – Worksession         2/26/15

Presentation American Legion Essay Contest Winners

Kim Vitelli of the Cheverly Legion Woman’s Auxiliary of Post 108 read the winners by category.

Presentation - The Ridges Development

Ms. Carly Schrader I am with Stanley Martin Homes and am working on the Ridges.  There are 350 homes with a variety of different elevations of town homes.  We are about to submit our site plans to the County.  We hope to start construction in the third quarter of 2016.

CM Thorpe what thought has been given to the outdoor spaces in the development.  People enjoy having outdoor spaces available.

Ms. Schrader there are a handful of open space areas and there are some pocket parks.  We will be making a contribution of $400 thousand to $500 thousand dollars for the MNCPPC parkland fund.

Chief’s Report

Chief Robshaw our numbers are down from the month before.  The Department is involved in our first training with the FBI, which involves active shooters or violent situations.  We are embarking on our annual spring cleaning program regarding out-of-state tags.  Our new police vehicles with four wheel drive had no problem with the inclement weather during the past snows.  We had a rape earlier this year and working with the County he was arrested and charged with a number of these crimes in the County.  An arrest in the robberies in the 450 corridor has been arrested as well.  If a door-to-door solicitor comes to your home, you must have a permit issued by the Town Administrator.  I suggest people to inform the solicitor that they leave the property right away.  If they do not, then we have a trespassing issue and the police can take action.  

Introducing Zach Corrigan

CM Eldridge it is my pleasure to introduce Zach Corrigan as the newest member of our Planning Board.

Recreation Council

Barbara Pejokovich the regular meeting is on Tuesday the 24th.  

CM Eldridge the Rec Council flea market is April 11th.  Reservations will open up on March 1st and it is $15 to reserve a table.  Call Barbara at 301-773-5883.  The Easter Egg Hunt will be April 4th at 11am at the Community Center.  The money raised at the flea market allows us to give out 3 $500 scholarships to seniors going to college.

Green Infrastructure Committee

Ms. Shiela Salo. This Cheverly Day’s theme is wild cheverly.  We are sponsoring a photo contest.  We need a small committee to organize this and we are looking for volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer call me   Judging will take place the evening before the prom.  Go to to get all the details of the contest.

Stem Program Proposal

Ms. Anne Caldwell we have started the Cheverly STEM program and are concentrating on home schoolers.  We have also been offering some arts and humanities classes.  I am here to propose a Cheverly mural on the blank wall by the softball field at Hoyer.  We have hired a muralist to work with our stem crew once a week.  They have been working on scaling the wall and working on the design.  We have one side of the wall with a softball nature on one side and abstract geometry on the other side.  The artist we hired has done the underside of the overpass at Franklins in Hyattsville.

Citizen Input

Mr. Dan Smith of Inwood Street.  There will be a clean-up of the Lower Beaver Dam Creek on Thursday.  We have pulled out 15 tons of trash over the years.  Styrofoam is a particular problem.  CB-5 is before the County Council to ban Styrofoam from the County in 2017.  I urge everyone to go on record and support this bill.  On March 26th it will be before the Environmental Committee.  

WSSC Presentation – Cheverly Avenue Water Repalcement

Mr. Wong is the project manager for WSSC.  The project calls for the replacement of the entire water main from Route 202 to Arbor Street and it is 1.7 miles long.  It was built in 1935 and is in need of replacement.  There will be some flares on to other streets to connect the branches.  There will also be some smaller 1 inch lines to connect to the meter where the house connections are.  We will be using the best water main on the market with a 100 year life span.  Traffic control will be performed by flagman up to the SHA standards.  There will be no detouring.  All traffic will be controlled and flagged on Cheverly Avenue.  

Mr. Spagoni we have limited this job to 1,500 to 2.000 feet per phase because we know the amount of traffic on this road.  This will be a year round contract.  We will not have shut downs.  Everyday there will be back filling and covering.  Replacement lanes are in the same trench and relocated means we will be shifting sides and going to another trench.  There will be a 4 foot wide trench the length of Cheverly Avenue.  We are not changing the contour of the road, curbs or stormdrains.  There will be no impact on road elevation changes. Any shut down and re-tie in will be done in an 8 hour window.

CM Eldridge the letter I received mentioned that if the house connection is not suitable then the house connection will be replaced at the cost of the homeowner.

Mr. Spagnoni old housed have old galvanized lines and they usually will need replacement with a copper line.  We will work with the property owners to let them know and to work to let them know about the condition of the pipe when we open it up.  We do not leave a house without water and maintain a no leak policy.  Letters will distributed 2 days in advance of shutting off water and that will occur between 9am and 4pm.  

Mr. Wong we will not be touching any trees on private property.  The trees on public property have been assessed by our environmental specialist to see if they will be impacted.  We will be paving from curb-to curb the length of Cheverly Avenue.

Cheverly Day Committee

CM Thorpe will be held May 16th.  We have several events and the first is on May 10th, which is the race.  We have the bands and fireworks lined-up.  We have the Prom on the Friday before Cheverly Day.  The theme for Cheverly Day is Wild Cheverly. Cheverly starts at 2pm with events for kids and adults.  We meet the second Tuesday of every month.

Cheverly Planning Board

CM Eldridge we met on Tuesday night and we discussed a draft of the final Envision Cheverly document. There was a discussion of the possible cell tower at the Legion and we discussed the Zoning Ordinance update there was a presentation here tonight on the subject you can get more information at  The final design plans and cost estimates have been submitted to MNCPPC.  It will be between 1 and 2 million dollars.

Town Administrator’s Report

CM Coolen I really appreciate all the work Public Works and the Police have done during the storms this winter.

Mayor and Council Announcements

CM Eldridge at the Anacostia Trails meeting and their big initiative this year is bike tourism in Prince George’s County, which is exciting.  

CM Coolen there will be a celebration by Joe’s Movement Emporium.  The annual gala is next Saturday night at Joe’s and there will be a band and great food. is where you can get tickets.

CM Rodger I want to thank everyone for watching us on TV.

CM Riazi if you are not reading your newsletter you are missing a lot.

Mayor announced that it is CM Coolen’s birthday.  Next Thursday the 19th there will be a stream clean-up, come and help clean-up a little bit. Worksession agenda will include; a letter of credit for Mosiac, amending the Town Park Master Plan, budget discussions, SHA letters, Columbia Park Bridge, Letter to the Editor re: WMATA, letter to the County Council re: foam, Legion cell phone tower.

Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
March 12, 2015
No actions taken

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