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October 8, 2015 Town Meeting Minutes

Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
    October 8, 2015

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  CMs, Eldridge, Rodgers, Riazi and Steward.

Pledge of Allegiance

  • CM Rodgers to excuse CMs Coolen and Daly. CM Eldridge seconded.Approved 4-0.

Minutes – Town Meeting        9/10/15

Minutes – Worksession         9/24/15

Town Administrator’s Report

Mr. Warrington no report.

Chief’s Report

Chief Robshaw after a spike in the last couple of months in crime we have slowed and our biggest crime is theft from auto.   We want to thank the American Legion for preparing the food for Public Safety Day.  We thank everyone who attended.  Bike to School is tomorrow morning.  October is domestic violence month and if you have a purple light.  We have worked out a few kinks we had in the new police carry phone.  We will have two signs out that we are hiring for the department.  We will also put on the sign that the police will be deploying a complex camera system to prevent crime via a bait car.  We will be using it on streets where we think there may be criminal activity.  I want everyone who comes in this town that you will be caught if you are coming into our town to commit a crime.  We will not be invading anyone’s rights.  This is another tool in the toolbox to keep our citizens safe.  We have the 5th lowest crime rate of any jurisdiction in Prince George’s County.

CM Riazi What are the Halloween regulations?

Chief Robshaw if a front porch light is not on then they are not participating.  We like to keep the participants to children and not adults.  Please, have parents check everything you bring home before you eat any of it.  Trick or treating will be from 6-8.

Mayor just to clarify about the bait car, it is a message to our residents and to criminals that we are using these to deter theft.

Chief Robshaw it is easier to deter a crime rather than investigate and try to solve a crime.  The use of our camera will be on public property and in public space.

Recreation Council

Mayor the Halloween party is October 31st and will begin with a parade at 3:45 at Gast Park.

Green Infrastructure Committee

Mayor one item that was discussed was a County plan with a map of Cheverly with a bunch of potential plans in and around Cheverly regarding stormwater management.

Cheverly Day Committee

Mayor this is a parade year next year so get your ideas and neighbors together to participate.

Planning Board Report

CM Eldridge the Planning Board’s envision Cheverly document is finalized and will be released in the near future.  There will be an open house at 6301 Kilmer Street on October 17th and I encourage everyone to swing by and check it out.  The Cheverly Sector Plan is moving forward and proposed meeting dates are October 28th or November 4th. There are openings on the Planning Board if folks are interested.

Citizen Input

Mr. Norman Oslik Ward 3.  I have two items.  I understand there is a proposal to narrow Cheverly Avenue at the bus stop toward Landover Road.  I think it would be valuable to have a marked crosswalk there since there are two bus stops.  Second, I want to raise a concern that there is a proposed Zoning Map Amendment for the Smithfield Farm Plant on Columbia Park Road.  This would reverse the sub-region 4 Sector Plan and put it back in I-2 Zoning.  I hope the Town will fight that request.

Malcolm Augustine and wanted to note that this is domestic violence awareness month and the County Sheriff’s Department and Pepco have asked that people put purple lights on their front porch to raise awareness.  Prince George’s County has the highest rate of domestic violence and this needs to be discussed.

MNCPPC Industrial Park Employment Plan Study

Ms. Wendy Ermenger I am with the MNCPPC.  I am here to study a plan that began a year ago.  It is a follow-up to an issue in the sub-region 4 Master Plan.  The industrial area is from Route 50 to the Suitland Parkway.  The two near you is the area at Kenilworth Avenue and Route 50 and the other is the Cabin Branch area along Columbia Park Road, Brighseat, Penn D’Arcy.  The goal of the action plan is to encourage employment.  We are not looking to get rid of industrially zoned land.  We have more of it and it gives us an advantage.  We want to eliminate the negative aspects of industrial zoning.  We need a strategy to address these issues and it is a very challenging project.  We are having a community meeting on November 5th at the Sports and Learning Complex.  We don’t have the response via flyers, so we are using email blitzes and asking communities to post this flyer on their websites.

CM Riazi the start is with these community meetings.

Ms. Ermenger No we are relying on the input from the sub-region meetings.  We are trying to make sure from the community if we have hit all of the points.

CM Eldridge Does this have any enforcement action?  There was previously mentioned a proposed change in zoning near our Metro Station.  So, I hope when you look at these plans around the Metro Stations, 10 employees in a warehouse is not as efficient.

Ms. Ermenger Yes, we have been citing those individuals that are not in compliance and do not have Use and Occupancy permits.  This is an action plan and the County agencies will be implementing the various aspects.  The justification for changes in the sub-region 4 plan, I think you will see that the actions around the Metro Stations when re-zoning took place.  The timeline for the action plan is that we expect completion by December 31st and the final plan for release will be February of 2016.

Mayor thank you for coming.  The sub-region 4 had a good deal of input from the community.  I hope you have the minutes of the meeting a few months ago with Clive Graham because there was an awful lot of conversation regarding this matter.  The problem with the sites south of Route 50 is that all of the trucks go through community streets to get in and out of the area.  

Second Reading O-1-15 Parking in the Industrial Park

Mr. Warrington this will be adopted in November.  It is a change to our parking and driving conditions on Lydell, Schuster and Pepsi Place.  We are going to allow parking from 6am to 9pm.  There will be no overnight parking and no parking during a snow emergency.  We have notified all of the property owners, with no comment to date.

Mayor and Council Announcements

Mayor we moved the Pepco tree plan from tonight’s meeting to the Worksession because we did not receive the plan in advance.  I invite everyone to come to that meeting to hear what Pepco has to say about our tree canopy.

CM Riazi there will be a meeting on Saturday, October 17th of the Cheverly Village will be offering a seminar on navigating medicare and medicade.  It will be 2-4pm.

CM Rodgers Folger Pratt has come in agreement for the apartment complex.  They allocated 2,500 for Ward 5 to participate for things that happen in Cheverly like the Boys and Girls Club and CPRC and other activity that goes on.  This will link Ward 5 closer with Cheverly.  Please take advantage of it as it is a big step.  So, thank you.

CM Eldridge I think it would be helpful to communicate that with Spellman as a lot of the kids that go there are in Ward 5.  Tomorrow is bike to school day.  We will be taking-off at 8:15.

Mayor the October 22nd Worksession will be: Pepco, Mobilite wifi, St. Ambrose/Spellman School Traffic, Private Property Tree Policies, Cheverly Avenue and Montrose Road bump-out and crossing.

Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
October 8, 2015
1 CM Rodgers to excuse CMs Coolen and Daly. CM Eldridge  seconded.Approved 4-0.

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