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04/08/10 Town Meeting Minutes
Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
April 8, 2010

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm in the Cheverly Community Center.  

In attendance:  Mayor Mosley, CMs Callahan, Watson, Eldridge, Schachter, Tevault and CM Johnson absent.

Pledge of Allegiance


Minutes – Town Meeting 3/11/10
Approved as written.

Minutes – Worksession 3/25/10
Approved as written.

Presentation Proclamation Declaring May as Peace Month in Cheverly

  • Motion CM Tevault to adopt the Proclamation Declaring May 2010 as Peace Month in Cheverly.  Seconded CM Eldridge.  Approved 5-0.  CM Johnson absent.
Ms. Joyce Lang representing the Womans Club thanked the Mayor and Town Council.  A calendar will be in the May Newsletter.  Also, noted the Mayor’s Forum on April 20th at 7pm in the Community Center

Town Administrator Report
Mr. Warrington noted that the Town staff is out planting trees we purchased under the Treemendous Maryland program and we were using our rain barrel water.

Mayor before the Chief’s report wanted to note that Maryland Municipal League Excellence Award has been given to the Town of Cheverly’s Radio Partners Program.  The MML Staff think this is a terrific program.

Police Department Report
Chief Robshaw wanted to thank those who came to the CPACT meeting.  We have made arrests and closure to the B&E’s that have been occurring in Cheverly.  The Department’s crime analysis was intricate in planning a way to address this and it paid off.  We observed the suspects and a foot chase ensued with a number of residents helping us by pointing out the direction of the pursuit.  We were aided by 2 of our radio partners for aiding in the foot pursuit by their vehicles as the officers were on foot.  We feel there will be hundreds of B&E’s closed throughout the County as a result of these arrests.  The County was great in providing us assistance with a search and seizure warrant that resulted in a recovery of a large number of stolen goods.  I thank the public for all their help in making this possible. This community participated every day with our department.  We would not have been able to close out these crimes without their help.  At some future meeting I hope to recognize our officers and other County officers who worked on these arrests.  On Monday the PG County Chief’s banquet, Officer Stone was recognized as Cheverly’s Officer of the Year, Detective Webb was recognized as the Detective of the Year for Cheverly and Mary Jane Ulrich was recognized as the County Civilian Employee of the Year.  

Mayor you and your staff are to be congratulated.  I am going to juggle the agenda a bit and take Committee Reports next.

Committee Reports

Mayor Barbara Pejokovich is here from the Recreation Council.  April 3rd was our annual Easter egg hunt.  I want to thank everyone who came and we had about 200 children.  On the 10th of April will be our flea market.  Please come this helps raise funds for our $500 scholarship for college.   Its inside and we encourage you all to come.  Our next meeting is on Tuesday the 27th and all are welcome to bring us ideas or questions.  Please apply for the scholarship, everyone needs money for books.

CM Tevault please come to the Flea Market and support CPRC, Weekday Nursery and Mother’s Day Out.

Mr. Nick D’Angelo noted Cheverly Day is May 22nd.  We still need your financial support.  It wouldn’t happen without your help.  We are getting confirmation from bands.  Watkins Park will be out with the birds, the beer garden will be back, the midway and 5 on 5 basketball tournament in the gym.  There will be without fail an East-West Softball game.  Also, the Cicada Crunch will be back this year.  The proceeds go to the Friends of Lower Beaver Dam. CM Tevault the prom is Friday night May 21st and tickets go on sale April 15th.  You can purchase tickets at the Town hall or others on the committee.  Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Dino and friends will be performing. 8pm to 12pm and you can email me if you can help with set-up or clean-up at councilmember ward 6.

Presentation Volunteer Firefighters  

Mayor Mosley tonight we have Chief Rob Pickle from the Bladensburg Fire Department and Randy Coonsly and they are here to answer questions and we are not taking action tonight.  

Rob Pickle Chief of the Bladensburg Fire Department we have come tonight to speak about Revenue Rescue Program.  We are looking for more ways to generate money.  This is a company out of Texas.  We currently bill for medical and ambulance calls, but this is a way for us to address fire calls.  We started billing in January and we had to stop billing on March 1st, which generated a little more than $15,000.  We have over $60,000 per year in apparatus payments.

Mayor the County bills for EMS?  Chief Pickle we can bill for EMS, we do recoup 100% of the medical calls we run.  Currently we bill the insurance companies and there is no collection pursued.  We were the only ones in the County doing the fire billing.

Mayor right now you are prevented from billing, but if the municipality passes a Resolution, then you will be able to bill in those municipalities? Chief Pickle correct.  

CM Callahan the service you provide the Town is fantastic.  If we pass that resolution and you make calls outside this jurisdiction would you be able to charge fees. Chief Pickle no just in those jurisdictions. CM Callahan other fire departments that come in our town would not be charging? Chief Pickle correct.  CM Callahan is there something going on at the County level to make this more equitable?  What should we be pushing for to make this more universal.  Is there a timetable for that? Chief Pickle that could take 6 months to a year. CM Callahan it seems like us doing this is a drop in the bucket and I would rather see this done county wide.

Senator Harrington these are interesting questions and I will contact your county council person and I will request hearings about the redistricting of services and if they go outside the boundaries, they need to recoup the costs.  The fire chief needs to be engaged to incorporate volunteer services into their boundaries.  

CM Callahan I think we need to pay to have the fire services we need, but it seems to me that we are being asked to pay for something unique in this part of the County that is not happening in other parts of the County.  It seems strange and inequitable.

Senator Harrington I think you are right.  What you don’t want is a reduction in services?  I am not trying to get the Town out of not paying for something.  

CM Callahan our Town Administrator had a suggestion from a cost perspective.  We would pay for our normal fire service and then pay again through our insurance.  So, we would be paying more than anyone else.  Would it be worth it for us to pay the fee from the Town then our residents should/could get a reduction in their Tax Differential.

Senator Harrington yes there would be a tax differential issue.  Where do you get these answers and perhaps that comes from the County Councilmember.

Mayor we always take your guidance.  The Office of Law sometimes takes forever and while the County decides how to address this it could go on and the volunteers may be in trouble.  This could be many county residents shouldering these fees.  This doesn’t make any sense from the County perspective, but the volunteers are being stretched thin.  

Senator Harrington any solution has to be a coordinated solution with the volunteers.  You get a cost differential if you don’t have fire?  I think there needs to be a statement from the County Council that this is a priority and must be resolved quickly.  This is the budget season.

Mayor I understand that there is nothing the regulations that say you can do this and nothing that says you can’t bill.  Chief Pickle that’s correct.

CM Eldridge do volunteer fire stations receive any money from the County.  Chief Pickle yes, but over the past 2 years it has been cut. CM Eldridge is there any correlation with people being more reluctant to call if they know their insurance companies are going to be charged?  Chief Pickle we have not received any negative back from the insurance companies.

CM Tevault the insurance company is billed, not the resident.  Chief Pickle we have just billed the insurance company.  Every single medical transport was given a bill, but nothing ever went to collection.

CM Watson did you encounter homes in some situation that did not have insurance.  Chief Pickle we did have some fires where we could not reach the resident, but everything is turned in to the billing company.  CM Watson you didn’t hear about insurance companies that raised rates on homes because they were being billed.  Chief Pickle every homeowner’s policy has this built in for emergency response.  The average charge varies on the type of emergency.  An auto is $400-$600.  House fires are more expensive than that.

Mayor are most volunteers going out to ask municipalities.  Chief Pickle right now there are two.  Mayor that may increase, but you may be one of the guinea pigs.

CM Schachter do you know if this program has been in existence long enough to compare insurance rates.  Chief Pickle I can give you Revenue Rescue’s website.  CM Schachter when asked about billing the property owner you will only bill the insurance company.  Chief Pickle yes. CM Schachter should there be any concern of 2 houses on fire and one that can be billed and one that can’t would that affect which one you would respond to?  Chief Pickle no.

CM Callahan if your number of calls are going-up then is your response times longer.  Mr. Coonsley the staffing numbers set by the County is under the national average, but they respond to calls.

Mr. Colaresi if you come to my house for a house fire, you will bill my homeowner’s insurance and you said most homeowner’s policies include these types of payment.  Is this part of my deductable?  Chief Pickle I don’t know that.  Mr. Colaresi what stops you from pursuing a claim against the homeowner.  Is there any law to stop you from coming after me if my insurance does not pay it?  Chief Pickle no.  Mr. Colaresi is that also true for emergency medical services? Is there any law that stops you from after the individual.  Chief Pickle everyone will receive the bill and since the County does that billing their regulations prevent that.  

Mayor Council has received a first working draft of a Resolution if we wish to go forward.  There is a provision in that resolution that prevents them from pursuing billing individuals, would that work?  We are just talking fire.

Mr. Colaresi I don’t think the Town of Cheverly has any authority over the Bladensburg Fire Department.  It is just an expressed desire.

CM Schachter why do you need our permission anyway?  Mr. Coonsley there is no law that says we can not bill, but the County Fire Chief believes that unless there is a law that says we can then we can’t. We are an independent corporation, but he sent a letter to us that said we will cease billing or our Chief will be suspended. The law says nothing about fire services.  The insurance companies, through Revenue Rescue, are looking for the blessing by the governing body.  83% of all the equipment in the County and 79% of all buildings are owned by the volunteers.

Mayor the County would not stop you from billing in the municipalities if we pass a Resolution authorizing the billing?  Chief Pickle yes.

CM Callahan could you get an annual projection of what you could collect in revenues in Cheverly?  Mr. Coonsley we could get some information to you for that.

CM Eldridge have any other municipalities signed-up yet?  Chief Pickle no.

Mayor and Council Announcements

Mayor there was a rally at the Metro Station and the Town has sent a letter opposing the closing of the Cheverly Metro Station on the weekend.  We have reason to believe that will not be part of the proposals final stage.  We got the final decree on the site plan for development of Addison Row, which was approved.  We have sent letters to the County to get the Try It Again Salvage Yard to cease and desist.  We asked for an update on the Passeo property as well.  Truck Touch is Saturday at the United Methodist Church.  The Mayors Election is Monday May 3rd.  April 26th is the last day to apply for an absentee ballot.  On the Worksesson agenda are: Budget, Amending the Planning, Building Use Policy, Youth Program Development, Discussion on US Postal Service,

CM Eldridge we want to put a letter on the Worksession to get the ball rolling on a community workshop for a what next regarding the Department of Interior property on the west side of the BW Parkway.  Maybe we can handle before the Worksession.  CAPS have been working with Spellman to have before and after care to see if there is any interest.  So, send me an email if you are interested.  

CM Watson I wanted to remind folks that April 15th the Mayor and Council will be hosting the PGCMA meeting that begins at 7pm.  Residents are invited in municipal government.

CM Tevault we suffered a sudden loss of Kim Beck Pierre who was a wonderful social worker and very active in CPRC and Weekday Nursery.

Citizen Input

Mayor Mosley asked if there were any resident wishing to speak on a matter not already on the agenda.

Sean McDonald 2800 Block 63rd Place concerned about the fire house next door.  There have been a few attempts of activity by a contractor at the residence, but still a year after the fire it remains boarded-up.  There has not been any Town permits posted at this residence and Councilmember Eldridge told me that Mr. Warrington said that Town permits were not required for rehabbing this property and only County permits are needed for electrical and plumbing work.  The Town has not discussed with me as to the status of getting this property rehabilitated.  There was another fire on the street and that house has been completed and looks wonderful.  The Town Administrator has not contacted us by email or letter to tell us as to when this matter will be resolved.  This could go on for an eternity.  I feel Cheverly needs to enact an ordinance to require the property owners to rehabilitate their properties that lets them decide when to rehab their property.  The Town isn’t showing any concern, it’s on my street and I am fed-up with it.  You send the Code Enforcement Officer over to talk to the contractor. All you need is a full blown fire next door to you to see what I am going through.  Thank you.

Mayor I would like to make a few clarifications.  We have had a number of houses in Cheverly that have had fires over the years and some have taken as long as 18 months to get through the insurance settlement process.  Some get solved quickly, some do not.  The owners are frustrated as the Town is as well.  Numerous staff members have been involved in this property.  We indicated the last time I met with you, that you could come to Town Hall and obtain whatever information we have on this property.  CM Eldridge has been most responsive.  There was a report from you about trash in the front yard and on that particular evening the property did not have trash in the front yard.  I feel for you and residents on your street along with the residents on Euclid where it has been a year as well.  The Town has not done nothing and I am sorry that you have had to live next to this.  It is difficult when families have lost everything for them to get back on their feet.  I am willing to meet with you again.

Mr. McDonald I would like to correct something.  I have the emails from CM Eldridge and they say contact David Warrington.  Well, David Warrington does not contact me.  He has my number.  It’s nice to give platitudes after the citizen has made a complaint.  I am very angry about that, you’re trying to make me look bad because your not doing your job.  You’re not doing anything to get this done and put the homeowner’s back in their house.  You keep us in the dark and there is no communication.  The information we want to know is when will it be rehabilitated.  I am through with this.

CM Eldridge have you called the Town Administrator and asked him any of these questions?

Mr. McDonald I left my phone number on the bottom of my emails.  It is not my job to come knock on David’s door.  I pay your salary and his.  I am the taxpayer and you are here to serve me, I am not here to serve you.
Public Hearing – Amending the Urban Renewal Plan – 5901 Medical Terrace  

Mayor declared open a public hearing to amend the Town of Cheverly Urban Renewal Plan to include 5901 Medical Terrace.

Town Administrator as part of the Urban Renewal process we must advertise for a public hearing, contact the owner and allow them to present their position.  The last property added was 3302 Belleview a few years ago.  The current owner indicated in 2006 that the property was to create a church on the property.  Some of the work had begun and there was concern with the structural integrity of the property.  They have supported the free standing walls with buttresses, but that was some time ago.  The Cheverly Planning Board had this referred to it for review and the Planning Board recommended adding the property to the plan.  If added to the plan, the Mayor and Council will list the property, but direction from the Mayor and Council could invoke eminent domain.  If that occurs, staff will move to “take” by providing 2 appraisals and fair market value before a court to purchase the property.  We would have to purchase the property for the determined amount or, if we balk, we would be responsible for all their attorney fees.

Mayor read the Planning Board recommendation.  Invited comments from the property owner and present any evidence.

Ephraim Emeka Ugwuonye I was last here in 2006 for the previous owner.  I am an attorney and I am here representing the members of the church.  I am handing out my bio for the record.  The Planning Board mentioned the lack of fencing and the owner did not respond and the property is in a state of demolition.  I would like to clarify.  The owners did not receive any notice to which they did not respond.  The owners have been diligently trying to do something here.  They initially got a Town permit to do work, but then decided to do more work and decided to bring down the building and reconstruct.  The paper I just provided will give you an indication of where we are with the County permit.  They want to complete this work and stop paying rent where they are worshiping now.  We are waiting on the County.  We request that the Council take into consideration the efforts to get permits from the County.  We will also do any interim remedial measures that will help the Town to not add this property to the Urban Renewal Plan at this moment.  We will do whatever you want to minimize the blight issue that the Town mentioned.  I have plans for what we intend to do to the property in building the church.

Emeka Anthony Oguto I am a licensed contractor in Maryland and these drawings show what the church will eventually look like.  These are the elevations, plumbing, electrical and other required structure and floor plans.  If the permits are issued by the County, I am ready to begin immediately.

Senior Warden  we are now meeting at the Lanham Methodist Church and paying rent there and our mortgage here.  We are losing money and if anybody here can help us get a final permit from the County then we are ready to go.  We did get a permit from the Town and began and then our Bishop decided to make changes.  He has a vision that this community is going to grow and now it is being delayed because of those changes.  We have not abandoned this property.

Mr. Ugwuonye this is not a property where the owners are not going to do nothing.  This property will add beauty and glamour to the Town.  We have no choice, but to wait for the County.  We will conclude our submission, but strongly urge the Mayor and Council to consider that these are good people dutifully waiting for the County.  Thank you Mayor and Council.

Mr. Warrington you provided us with a new permit application and it has a date of 3/25/2010. Mr. Ugwuonye no sir, it was submitted earlier and that date is the re-submittal to address questions or modifications requested by the County. Mr. Warrington do you know how much they wanted changed? Mr. Ugwuonye we have replied to every item they noted.  We should here from them in the next three to four weeks.

CM Callahan Michael Lipke used to be with this project, is he still with this project?  Mr. Ugwuonye his is no longer part of the project.  CM Callahan he made a number of commitments on your part and was the public face of this project.  Are the number of parishioners larger than the now proposed?  Senior Warden  the Bishop did come in and made changes to accommodate more people.  Instead of 120 we are expecting 200 members.

Chris I am a member of the Church Council.  The senior warden explained the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Washington recommended an expanded building in the event that the congregation grew.

CM Callahan it’s not just the urban renewal plan now. Do you have the appropriate funding to go if the contracts are in place.  How much of the structure going to cost and what percent do you have. Chris 100%. CM Callahan there were some commitments to the community and one of them that a lot would remain green and there was a commitment to stormwater, which I will have to check my notes.

Mr. Ugwuonye we intend to make this a great place and if we are able to convince the Council that the status of the property is moving forward, then you don’t have to put it on the plan.  Appearing on this plan is an indication that something is wrong.  We do have a plan and there isn’t something wrong, but just need a permit.  We are willing to work with the Council. Please don’t put us on the Urban Renewal Plan after what we have presented to the Council.

Mayor we can defer this issue, we can vote to put the property on our Urban Renewal List and not take further action or we can put it on our list and proceed.

CM Watson how long has the church owned the property. Mr. Ugwuonye June 08 and received a permit from the Town in April 09. CM Watson why would I not add it if in 22 months it has gone into further dilapidation.  Why wouldn’t we take this action now.  Mr. Ugwuonye it is not just the length of time of ownership, but until permits were obtained.  Since April 09 when we got permits from the Town we had many communications with Councilmember Callahan, but then there was a need for another permit.  We are not saying today we are going to apply for a permit, but in this case we are waiting for the County’s final permit after many submissions.  If you don’t put us on the list, the Town has lost nothing since you can do this anytime in the future.

Mayor I am concerned about the increase in the size from 120 to 200.  So, there are issues aside from the current condition of the property.  Closed the Public Hearing.

CM Callahan Motion to place 5901 upon our Urban Renewal List and revisit the matter again in 4 months. Mr. Colaresi are you moving to pass the Resolution as written? Mayor it’s R-5-10.

  • Motion CM Callahan to pass Resolution R-5-10 Amending the Urban Renewal Plan and moving that we not take any action for 4 months. Seconded CM Watson. Failed 2-3.  CM Johnson absent.
  • Motion CM Tevault to table this matter until the next Town Meeting. Second CM Watson. Approved 6-0. CM Johnson absent.
Green Infrastructure Committee  

Cynthia Robinson serves as a member of the green infrastructure plan and note that a full presentation will be in the future.  In May 2008 a steering committee was formed and the process was launched.  The goals are to preserve, restore and sustain the natural environment in Cheverly and around the area as intact eco-systems through a community participation process.  We will be putting forward recommendations.  You can search our website on the net by entering Cheverly Green Plan.  We will be making a more detailed presentation at the April 22nd Worksession.  We will have mapping, demonstration projects and a comprehensive policy to sustain these items.  The Committee has been awarded $20,000 through the Chesapeake Bay Project and we will be installing storm drain signage and distributing information to the residents.  It looks like we will be able to get these decals for free, to free up about $3,000 from the grant for other things.  We will be putting on educational workshops.  Please visit our website.  

Mayor  the April 22nd Worksession is available.  

CM Eldridge want to thank everybody for all their hard work and these things don’t just happen overnight.  It is great to see this moving forward.  It is pretty exciting.

Senator David Harrington - Explosions

Mayor we have been trying to address this issue for the past years.  It has been 2 years since we had a meeting to discuss this matter where we got folks from the State and County. We came up with an inexpensive and seemingly workable solution in mounting a camera in top of the Tuxedo-Cheverly Fire Station.

Senator Harrington I am a resident at 2508 Wayne Place. We have to deal with perceptually where we think the problem is and ruffle some feathers.  The County and the camera has not worked.  Mayor some have asked why we don’t go to the geology department at the University of Maryland, but this is a $30-$40 thousand dollar issue.  What we suspect, without going into it at a public meeting could still be the issue affecting the Town. Senator Harrington I would look to your able attorney that this may necessitate a closed door meeting with some of the people we suspect are involved.  At this point I don’t know what to do as everything costs money.  I will call the Director of DER.  We have to put our heads together to see what we could do.  I will look at State options to see where the State can be helpful as well.  I will contact the Mayor with what I find out.  

Mayor okay, sounds great.  We will send you a copy of our letter about the Try It Again salvage yard and our Passeo letter.

Senator Harrington the week end closures at Cheverly is, as announced, off the table.  On behalf of my wife, who is working for the Census, put that form in the mailbox.  We are only at 60% and we need to get that up.  The 47th legislative district is the least responsive of any.  We are last and that is unacceptable.  Get it in by April 15th.

Mayor thank you for helping us with the polling issue for old ward 4.

CM Eldridge who should we be talking to in order to make sure we are paying our fair share in the State of Maryland?  Senator Harrington state officials have to look out at our level of funding, but we are cutting $2 billion from the state budget.  We have to increase ridership.  Permits around Metro stations should go to the top of every list. Development will increase ridership and increase revenue.

Mayor thank you for coming and we appreciate your help.

Introduction FY 11 Operating Budget and CIP

Mr. Warrington noted that the Mayor and Council received their copies tonight, we have posted the 5 year overview on the website and we have a desk copy for any one who wants to review the entire budget in the front office.  The Mayor and Council have been dealing with this since January and all of the preliminary items are included to be discussed at the Worksession.  The unknown in this budget is the Speed Camera Revenues, which will be better defined next year.

Mayor I will point out that our estimated fund balance as it is presented is $1,700,000 with everything presented in here.  We were hit with some significant drops in revenue from the State but we are fine and very healthy.  Our cap is 58 cents and we are at 48 cents.  This includes a 2% COLA.  There is an estimated 11% increase in health benefits.  With the exception of redoing the old police room to process tickets, then unless the revenue is there, we will not be spending money until later in the year when it is available.

CM Watson I wanted to point out that our FY11 revenues are close to what is projected and our projected expenses are about 600 thousand less.  The Staff has been diligent in controlling spending.  The budget deficit we are looking at passing in FY 11 still leaves us with a significant fund balance.  We are not considering adjusting the property tax rate.

Mayor there are some significant vehicle purchases.

Second Reading O-3-10 Amending the Personnel Section

Mr. Warrington this is a housekeeping ordinance that addresses the accumulation of leave while an employee is on Workers Compensation.  What it does is stop the accumulation of leave.
Employees would come back to work and have a lot of annual leave.  This makes us conform to the industry standard.

Authorization Award of Bid –Tree Acquisition and Installation

Mr. Warrington we went out to bid for the provision and installation of trees under our Private Property Planting Program, which the Mayor and Council provided $15,000 in the FY10 Budget.  These are trees above and beyond what the Town Staff could handle for installations.  We had three responses.  One firm was non-responsive because they did not provide a per tree planting price.  The other two did and the low bidder is being recommended for the award, which happens to be the same tree provider for PEPCO, which is F&F Landscaping.  We already have 40 people that have requested plantings.

  • Motion CM Eldridge to authorize the Town Administrator to enter into a contract with F&F Landscaping for the provision and installation of trees on a per tree basis with a maximum not to exceed $15,000.  Seconded CM Watson.  Approved 5-0.  CM Johnson absent.
Proclamation Designating April 7th as Arbor Day in Cheverly

Mr. Warrington we may be a day late because we celebrated Arbor Day yesterday with a planting.  It just so happens that we did the planting prior to the meeting.  We would like this proclamation as it helps us with our Tree City USA Designation.

CM Callahan the tree was planted on Crest Avenue and in memorium to a citizen.  The previous tree was damaged in the storm and Juan installed a Cedar Tree.

Mr. Warrington the tree was paid for via an agreement we made in 1991 with Georgetown Roofing to allow up to $200 every year for trees in exchange for a site plan needed parking space.  It benefits both parties. This was done rather than trying to subdivide and sell them the necessary few feet of Town property.
CM Eldridge offered amendments to the Proclamation recognizing that we do have a tree commission working hard and also the work of the green infrastructure committee.  Whereas, the Town of Cheverly has appointed a Tree Commission to assist the Town with its tree canopy and Whereas, the Town of Cheverly is actively developing a green infrastructure plan to preserve and enhance its urban forest.

  • Motion CM Callahan to Proclaim April 7th as Arbor Day in Cheverly and accepting the proposed amendments.  Seconded CM Eldridge.  Approved 5-0.  CM Johnson absent.

Meeting adjourned.
Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
April 8, 2010

  • Motion CM Tevault to adopt the Proclamation Declaring May 2010 as Peace Month in Cheverly.  Seconded CM Eldridge.  Approved 5-0.  CM Johnson absent
  • Motion CM Callahan to pass Resolution R-5-10 Amending the Urban Renewal Plan and moving that we not take any action for 4 months. Seconded CM Watson. Failed 2-3.  CM Johnson absent.
  • Motion CM Tevault to table this matter until the next Town Meeting. Second CM Watson. Approved 6-0. CM Johnson absent.
  • Motion CM Callahan to Proclaim April 7th as Arbor Day in Cheverly and accepting the proposed amendments.  Seconded CM Eldridge.  Approved 5-0.  CM Johnson absent.
Motion CM Eldridge to authorize the Town Administrator to enter into a contract with F&F Landscaping for the provision and installation of trees on a per tree basis with a maximum not to exceed $15,000.  Seconded CM Watson.  Approved 5-0.  CM Johnson absent.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785  (301) 773-8360
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