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Town Meeting Minutes 05/12/2005
Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
May 12, 2005

Call to Order
Mayor Mosley called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m. in the Cheverly Community Center.  There were 12 citizens in attendance.

In attendance: Town Administrator David Warrington, Attorney Colaresi, CMs Cullen, Oslik, Schachter, Watson and Ford.

Pledge of Allegiance
Mayor Mosley opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Mosley thanked CM Adegboyega (Ward 5) for his service to the Town and for bringing his energy to the Council.  He was not present but his wife received his gift from the Mayor and Council.  Mrs. Adegboyega read a thank you letter from her husband.

Mayor Mosley thanked CM Cullen (Ward 1) for his service to the Town and for being a voice of reason.  She presented him with an award of recognition.  CM Cullen thanked the Mayor, Council, residents and former Mayor Beyna.  He welcomed new Ward 1CM, Steve Hofmann.
Mayor Mosley introduced Roslyn Pugh, Clerk of the Court who swore in the newly elected Councilmembers.

Ward 1  Steven Hofmann
Ward 2  Micah Watson
Ward 3  Norm Oslik
Ward 4  Leon Schachter
Ward 5  Gbola Oladele
Ward 6  Vincent Ford

There were no changes.
Town Meeting Minutes, 4/16/05
The minutes were not available and approval was moved to the Worksession.
Worksession Minutes, 4/28/05
The minutes were approved as written.

Administrator’s Report
Mr. Warrington reported that a contract was signed with the Silos Corporation to resurface Jason Street.  Work will begin with curbs and gutters from 9 AM – 3 PM so as not to be a disruption to St Ambrose School.   Roadway work will not begin until after June 11.
Police Report
Police Chief Jeffery Krauss was not present and there was no report.

Mayor and Council Announcements
CM Schachter reminded residents to avoid parking on 64th Avenue where possible during softball games.  There is a lot in the park.

Worksession:  Presentation of the redevelopment of the Annapolis Road site, the plan for the site, a restricted parking request for 6015 Kilmer Street to enable trash trucks to access the alley behind Belleview, a Planning Board policy amendment, the newsletter policy, the email policy, discussion of the CGI proposal, the Police Chief’s contract renewal, new CM orientation, the Belmont Street survey and action, dog park proposal and a discussion on the FY06 Budget and CIP.

CM Oslik asked for clarification about CGI.  Mr. Warrington responded that this service would provide the town with streaming video clips for the website, which would include business advertisements.
CM Watson requested that a discussion of Mayor and Council options regarding Wal-Mart be added to the Worksession agenda.  There are a few CMs looking to assemble a resolution to address concerns about community standards and other items they would like to see Wal-Mart address.   Mayor Mosley agreed that a discussion on Wal-Mart should be added to the Worksession agenda.  

Committee Reports

Recreation Council
There was no report.

Cheverly Day Report
CM Watson summarized that Cheverly Day is June 11.  Events and entertainment will begin earlier this year.   Scheduled for this year: the same hot food vendors will return, Dunk a Dignitary, 5K Race (Cicada Crunch) and 2K Walk (Dash for Diabetes), and two stages (one in front of Town Hall, the other down by Town Park) just to name a few.  Ad copies are needed this week.  Mr. Watson thanked the Mayor and Council for the budget adjustment for the rock-climbing wall, which will open at 11 AM.

Citizen Input
There was no citizen input.

Discussion –Wal-Mart @ Capital Plaza
Mayor Mosley introduced Lawrence Taub, representative of Mr. Levitz (shopping center owner).  

CM Oslik added that the he and others will be working on the resolution to address what will happen at the site once the store is built in order to address community standards e.g. what the store will look like, employee health care and livable wages.

Mayor Mosley reported that she met with Rhoda Washington and they discussed concerns related to labor issues and the building site.  Mayor Mosley relayed that the Council was unanimous in that Cheverly does not want liquor and guns sold at the store.  Rhoda said that would not be an issue.  Further, Mayor Mosley expressed that the town wanted input in the building design.  Ms. Washington indicated that neighboring towns would be given the opportunity to give input on design.  She invited Ms. Washington to the Worksession.

Mayor Mosley added that Wal-Mart, Mr. Levitt, Landover Hills and Cheverly should meet on these issues.  Wal-Mart will not be the only business on that site and she expressed a desire to use influence to bring in quality restaurants and small businesses to that area.

Attorney Colaresi responded that the Town has only indirect influence because there is a zoning matter.  There is some support from the County Council for a special exception.  Being an incorporated Town, Cheverly has a large voter block and it is clear that the landlord cares about Cheverly

CM Oslik stated that he believes there is a lot Cheverly can do to impact the outcome of this project.

Mayor Mosley added that Wal-Mart has already been in discussions with Landover Hills.  This will be the first Wal-Mart inside the beltway and the closest to DC.  She is proposing that the Town be aggressive and helpful.  She asked if she should ask Ms. Washington to attend the Worksession as well but first wanted to clarify the nature of the discussion.

CM Watson added that he would like to discuss a resolution laying out the issues Cheverly has with the site.  In order for Wal-Mart to be successful, it needs to be a good corporate citizen and neighbor.

CM Hofmann added that the Town has the leverage of public opinion and should start a coalition of surrounding communities.  He agreed that Ms. Washington should attend the Worksession.

Mayor Mosley added that Ms. Washington prefers to attend Worksession on the condition that discussion is restricted to the site.  The resolution should be presented at a televised meeting

CM Schachter added that the Council should be talking to Wal-Mart about items that would benefit Wal-Mart’s business.

CM Ford added that additional discussion would allow other entities to give input.   

CM Watson agreed that Larry Taub and a Wal-Mart representative should be invited to the Worksession.
Discussion on whether to discuss the building site or the labor issues at the Worksession.

CM Schachter recommended that a special meeting be held to discuss this issue.    

Mayor Mosley suggested that CM’s should come prepared to discuss the Budget at the Worksession so that they can bring the final to the June Town Meeting.
CM Oslik recommended setting a fixed time frame for the Wal-Mart discussion.

Discussion Amending Chev-Tux Park Master Plan
Mr. Warrington summarized that the Mayor and Council adopted a master plan for Chev-Tux Park in agreement with the use of the Board of Education, which would allow the Town to use Program Open Space funds.  That has already happened and paving has been completed in the park (courts, fields).  CM Watson amended the plan to add lighting to the pathway that runs from Valley Way to the parking lot.   The amendment has been on the agenda on three separate occasions for discussion.

CM Watson summarized that the pathway runs from 59th Place across Valley Way and down to the Hoyer parking lot.  It has been a concern for pedestrians that the path is dark during the winter months.  The lights would be unobtrusive to nearby residents, who support the amendment.  

·       CM Watson moved to amend the Chev-Tux Park Master Plan to allow for lighting on the pathway.  Seconded by CM Oslik.  Unanimously approved.

Mayor Mosley added that there would be discussion at the Worksession regarding when this item would have impact on the budget.

Discussion FY06 Operating Budget and C.I.P.
Mr. Warrington summarized the budget was introduced at the April Town meeting and was discussed at the April Worksession.  There have been not changes; however, a few questions have been asked by CMs and addressed by Town Staff.   The questions and answers have been shared with the Mayor and Council.

Mr. Warrington added that the Town has to have a public hearing at the June Town meeting on the constant yield tax rate.  If there are ideas about raising taxes, he needs to be notified within the next week because by law he needs to run an ad prior to the hearing.

Attorney Colaresi clarified that when a hearing is advertised, by State Law the advertisement must state the tax rate; however, the law is not specific on which tax rate (current or proposed).  

There was no direction to the Town Administrator to raise taxes.

CM Oslik requested that the Mayor and Council discuss making the budget available online for ease of review.

Discussion– Intersection Landover Road and Cheverly Avenue
CM Oslik summarized that he was approached by a resident complaining about vehicles being allowed to turn left from the right lane of Cheverly Avenue on to Route 202, which in turn holds up motorists who wish to turn right.  This issue came up some years ago when the left lane would back up significantly because only one lane was turning left.  Now the reverse situation exists.

CM Schachter recommended a traffic count be conducted.

CM Hofmann asked if there was a study conducted previously and if so, when.  Mayor Mosley responded that she was not sure that there was a study conducted; however it was determined at the time by SHA that the signage was confusing and SHA modified the signage to what the traffic pattern should be.   She did not recommend having the State Highway Administration conduct another study.

·       CM Schachter moved to request the SHA to conduct a traffic count at Cheverly Avenue and Route 202 to determine the amount of traffic turning left versus turning right.

There was no second.

Adjourned 10:30 p.m.
Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
May 12, 2005

1.       CM Watson moved to amend the Chev-Tux Park Master Plan to allow for lighting on the pathway.  Seconded by CM Oslik.  Unanimously approved.

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