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Town Council Minutes 01/13/2005
Town of Cheverly
Meeting Minutes
January 13, 2005

Call to Order
Mayor Mosley called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m. in the Cheverly Community Center.  There were 20 citizens in attendance.

In attendance: Town Administrator David Warrington, Attorney Colaresi, CMs Adegboyega, Cullen, Schachter, Ford and Watson.

Pledge of Allegiance
Mayor Mosley opened the meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

CM Cullen moved to excuse CM Oslik.  Seconded by CM Adegboyega.  Unanimously approved.

Mayor Mosley announced that the Mayor and Council were not ready to approve all election clerks, judges and supervisors at this time.

The agenda was approved as amended.

Town Meeting Minutes, 11/14/04
The minutes were approved as written.

Worksession Minutes, 12/1/04
The minutes were approved as written.

Administrator’s Report
Mr. Warrington announced that Public Works would conclude leaf collection on January 25, after which, leaves will be collected in bags ONLY.  He reminded residents to be mindful of the snow emergency parking ordinance.    The permit process for the Police Station has been resubmitted and he is awaiting Park and Planning’s response.  

In response to CM Watson, Mr. Warrington stated that he has received positive feedback regarding the walkway from 59th to Arbor Street lighting.

CM Mosley added that she has seen two items of feedback on the Metro Development.  Feedback should be forwarded to the Task Force.

CM Cullen added that there were temporary walkway crossing signs by Cheverly Tuxedo/Judith Hoyer and the 7 Eleven.  Mr. Warrington responded that the Sate Highway Association owns that road he was not aware the signs being installed.  Mayor Mosley added that the signage might be the result of a project Mr. Torres was handling which addressed poor traffic light timing and crosswalk issues.  

Mayor Mosley added that the streetlights are out in the 5600 block of Columbia Park Road (between the Metro and 64th Avenue).

Police Report
Police Chief Jeffery Krauss summarized 2004.  There has been a 15% decrease in crime across the board.  The breakout includes the following percentages of reduction: 23 % assaults, 12% B&E’s, 13% in larcenies and 22% in stolen autos.    Work productivity increased by 35%.  There was also an increase in adult arrests.  1000 more state citations were written in 2004 than in 2003; the majority for speeding.  Five handgun arrests were made in last six months of 2004.

2004 initiatives included the doorhanger; which is an item that is placed on doors of residents near a crime scene.  The doorhanger contains information on crime tips and the Neighborhood Watch meeting schedule.  Operation Safe Crossing was instituted for the areas near the apartments.  Door hangers were left for all apartment residents alerting them on how to cross Route 202 safely.  A campaign will begin next week to remind new residents to register their vehicles in Maryland.   Special Enforcement nights will be held for the apartments to monitor alleged drug activity.  Club Day is held once a month.  The next two Club Days will be on February 5 and March 5, from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  The next Neighborhood Watch meeting is on March 14 at 630 p.m.

CM Cullen asked the status of B&E suspect.  Chief Krauss said one suspect in four of the cases has been apprehended.  

CM Adegboyega commended Chief Krauss in the reduction of crime, particularly in Ward 5.

CM Watson asked the status of assault in Ward 2.  He responded that he spoke to the victim who can identify the assailant although no arrests have been made.

Mayor Mosley brought forth on CM Oslik's behalf, a concern for residents near Gast Park.  There have been reports of auto vandalism and after hour activity in Gast Park and in the alley.  She requested additional directive patrol for those areas.

Fred Price 1709 62nd Avenue asked about Boyd Park gate; which is not always closed at dusk.   Chief Krauss responded that residents should call 301/333-4000 when they notice the gate open after hours.
Mayor and Council Announcements
Mayor Mosley summarized the January 27 Worksession Agenda:  There will be a 7:00 p.m. web presentation given by the finalist company, a vehicle exemption request for 2324 Belleview, a Public Works Staff Report from Director Torres regarding a dog park proposal with staff report from Attorney Colaresi and Mr. Warrington, abandonment of Belmont Street; variance procedures, the FY05 Audit Management Letter, Code Enforcement and a closed session on objectives and evaluation of the Town Administrator.

Mayor Mosley announced that The United Methodist Church would have a Chili Dinner on January 19 at 5:30 to benefit Tsunami victims.  Tickets will be sold at the door and in advance.

CM Watson added that the Metro Task Force has not met yet but plans to meet soon.   The Zip Code Task Force currently has five members: Susan Pruden, Cathy Soffer, Pam Gill, Paul Frost, Barbara Mitchell and himself.   He plans to have the walkway linking Hoyer parking lot to 59th place on the February Worksession agenda.   

The next Ward 2 meeting is on Sunday at Mary Jane Coolen's house, 6011 Forest Road at 3:00 p.m.

Committee Reports

Cheverly Day Report
CM Watson announced that Cheverly Day is scheduled for June 11.  Committee meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month.   The copy deadline for this years’ magazine is April 15.  

Recreation Council
There was no report.

Citizen Input
Fred Price Jr., 1709 62nd Avenue stated that he would like that each year during Black History Month, the Town Historian is asked to provide information on notable African Americans from Cheverly.  Most notably this year are the contributions of Cora Rice, Charlie Watkins, Hon William Eley, George Boyd, Dorothy McClain, Fed Judge Alexander Williams, Wayne Curry (all of Ward 4) and others.

Sharon McCoy 3306, Belleview Avenue proposed to make her street one way or have parking restricted on one side of it because of speeders coming down the hill making it dangerous and sometimes impossible for motorists coming up the street.

Recognition of Outstanding Holiday Decorations
Mayor Mosley and CM Watson announced the winners.  Award list attached to the original of the minutes.

Presentation – Affordable Senior Housing Proposal
Mayor Mosley introduced David Holden, Director of Development of the Ingerman Group and Zoning Attorney, Larry Todd.

Attorney Todd discussed an affordable senior citizen housing development proposed for the area between Newton and Quincy Streets, west of 55th Avenue (just below the Publik Playhouse).  It will be funded through State (Community Development ) CDA Funds through Low Income Tax Credits.  His client must submit an application, which is required to include a Letter of Support from Prince George’s County.  The Ingerman Group has met with County Executive Representatives, County CM Harrington and the Town of Bladensburg.  The Development will include about 78 units.  

David Holden summarized that in addition to building and operating these facilities, his company services the developer, the general contractor and the property manager.  He distributed his brochure and copies of the site plan.  More information can be found at   Ingerman has partnered with the Housing Initiative Partnership (HIP).

Lizzy Harrington, HIP, summarized that HIP is a nonprofit that has been active in Prince George’s County for 16 years.  They did an award winning artist’s housing project in Mt. Rainier last year.

Attorney Todd reiterated that Ingerman is seeking the County’s approval and the application for CDA is due January 25.  If the Council feels this development is a worthy project, they would like a Letter of Support from the Town.

Winston Proctor 6415 Apt 301, Landover Road asked if a disabled senior would be able to have a live in nurse.  The answer was no.

Mayor Mosley advised Attorney Todd that the Council does not meet again until January 27.  

CM Ford moved to support the project and send a favorable letter to the County Executive.  Seconded by CM Schachter.  Unanimously approved.

A copy of the letter will be forwarded to County CM Harrington.

Metro Development
Mayor Mosley summarized that this proposal has been before the Town for the past year and is still in its initial stages.  The 20 member Task Force consists of two co-chairs and CM’s Schachter and Watson who serve as Council liaisons.  Two conceptual drawings of the Michael Companies have been published. Mr. Michael has met with Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA) and has talked with the Town three times prior to meeting with WMATA.  His unsolicited proposal must meet all of WMATA’s, Park and Planning, and County’s criteria.  Once formally identified by Metro as a development, the project would be put out as a competitive offer.  The number of residential, office and retail space proposed has varied since the projects’ introduction.

CM Schachter added that from what he can deduct, no market analysis has been conducted on the potential property value of the new development.  The condominiums are said to be priced at $400 - $500 K based on condominium prices in the District of Columbia, which have asking prices of up to $1M.
CM Watson added that the plans are far from being finalized.  Mr. Michael has been collaborative with Cheverly.

Mayor Mosley added that even though the Mayor and Council have selected Task Force members, all meetings are open to the public.  

Mayor Mosley added that she along with CMs Oslik and Schachter met with the Michael Company recently and one of the major concerns was transportation.  She explained the drawings.

Mayor Mosley added that the Town was informed that Metro is building two large parking garages at the New Carrolton station; which will alleviate parking issues at Cheverly and increase ridership.

Leila Price, 1709 62nd Avenue, VP 4th Ward Civic Association reiterated concerns expressed at a recent meeting.  Mr. Michael has failed to address the following concerns brought forth to him in June.  They include:  the existing traffic problem in the Old Ward 4 which may be made worse, isolation, environmental impact, and an increase in number of units than originally proposed.  If the County raises imminent domain, she asked that the Mayor and Council fight it on their behalf.

CM Schachter clarified that he thought that Ward 4 was in favor of having the area rezoned as mixed use.  Mrs. Price clarified that the Civic Association is exploring all of its options.

Steven Hofmann, 5715 Lockwood Road, Task Force member, echoed concerns about imminent domain and the environmental impact study not only for traffic but the wetlands.  He asked if Michael Company could finance and conduct a study on the wetlands.

Ralph Hanson, 1800 64th Avenue, Ward 4 Civic Association Recording Secretary stated that his major concern is the isolation issue, which has not been adequately addressed.  He suggested pedestrian access from the Metro through the green space to Old Ward 4.    He asked the status of the industrial community on Columbia Park Road.  He also asked if there was a formal process for receiving feedback from residents about the project.  

Mayor Mosley added that formal processes for recording feedback include: Town Meetings, which are transcribed for the record; residents may also email the Town at, Mr. Warrington makes a hardcopy file and forwards it to the Mayor Council and Task Force co-chairs; residents can also contact their Councilmember, the Civic Association and the Task Force.   For those seeking general information, The Newsletter provides regular updates on the project.

Michael Toscano, 3000 Parkway stated his support of development and is in favor of mixed-use development.   However, the current proposed mix would change the character of Cheverly in a way that cannot be readily predicted.  The Mayor and Council should also consider the implication of 3000 -4000 residents who will not share the interests of existing residents who value single family homes, tree-lined streets and a sense of community.  The number of Council members could increase to potentially 4 Councilmembers for this development alone and they could gain control of the Council.   As an aside, the developer should be required to give something in exchange, such as a community center or other amenity.

R.J. Eldridge, 3009 Cheverly Avenue, Task Force Member, stated that the number of units jumping from a few hundred to 1200 alarmed him.  He is concerned about the resulting increase in traffic on Cheverly Avenue.

Leila Price, 1709 62nd Avenue asked about rezoning of the Michael Property from industrial to mixed use.  The Metro will also need to be rezoned.

Mr. Warrington responded that rezoning for mixed use could not be part of a sector plan; however, it can run parallel to the plan.    The Town will be notified if there is a zoning change and will then become part of the process.  The Town would be notified of all hearings, be registered with the County and become party of record.  Individuals interested in becoming a Party of Record can write to the County.

Thelma Boyd Nash, 6202 State Street is concerned about why the Environmental impact Study was not included in the initial studies.  She also mentioned that the area is a 100-year flood plane.

Mayor Mosley responded that the proposal has not become an official process, thus no formal studies have been conducted.  

She added that at the meeting she attended with Michael Companies, transportation took up the majority of the time.  She added that this project might never come to fruition; however, land inside the beltway is becoming an investment opportunity.

Mr. Colaresi added that Metro has been interested in developing areas around their stations.  One of their criteria is that the developer must demonstrate that he is not significantly increasing automobile traffic.  It is his opinion that a 1200 unit development does the opposite.  

Mayor Mosley added that Metro also prefers to lease properties, whereas this project proposes condominiums.

R.J. Eldridge, 3009 Cheverly Avenue asked if the Town has to give approval for rezoning.  Mayor Mosley responded that municipalities have a voice in the process; it belongs to the County Council sitting as the District Council.

Attorney Colaresi added that no municipality possesses any zoning authority.  

Mayor Mosley responded that the County issues development permits.  The Metro site is within Town boundaries and the Michael property is not.  Part of the agreement is that Mr. Michael would annex the property in and it would be designated green space.  The Town would issue permits after the County’s issues its permits.

CM Ford added that he has seen a lot of these projects in his experience in the District of Columbia.  The conceptual stage could last up to five years.

Mayor Mosley added that CM Ford was the head of all building inspections in the District and has expertise in this area.

Adjourned 10:15  p.m.
Town of Cheverly
Summary of Action
January 13, 2005

CM Cullen moved to excuse CM Oslik.  Seconded by CM Adegboyega.  Unanimously approved.

CM Ford moved to support the project and send a favorable letter to the County Executive.  Seconded by CM Schachter.  Unanimously approved.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785
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