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September 22, 2011 Worksession

ITEMS FOR TOWN MEETING – October 13, 2011

1. Second Reading O-7-11 Amending the Parking Section
2. Introduction O-8-11 Amending Spilling Rubbish & Loose Materials


1.  Chief Buddy Robshaw

2.  Discussion Baltimore Washington Partners for Forest Stewardship

3. Bamboo Issues

4.  Review of Traffic Calming Options

5.  WSSC Improvement Projects                   

6.  Discussion O-8-11 Amending Section 10-2 Spilling Rubbish and loose materials from a vehicle.

7. Discussion O-7-11 Amending the Parking Section Regarding No Parking

8. Grant Application Form & Process

9.  47th Delegation Meeting

(a) = Attorney Items
Sign language interpreters and/or other accommodations for individuals with disabilities will be provided upon request.

* = This portion of the meeting may be closed to the public in accordance with State law.

1.  Chief of Police – Buddy Robshaw
        Decision Required: None.
The Mayor and Town Council are seeking input from the Chief of Police regarding various matters related to the Department.  

2.      Baltimore Washington Forest Stewardship
        Decision Required: Whether to consider joining.

        The Green Infrastructure Committee presented to the Mayor and Town Council the possibility of the       Town of Cheverly joining this effort.
3.   Bamboo Issues
        Decision Required: None.
The Mayor has placed this item on the agenda and will address.  There have been numerous complaints regarding bamboo being invasive on abutting properties.

4.   Review of Traffic Calming Options
        Decision Required: Whether to consider.
The Mayor and Town Council asked Mr. Torres to embellish on some of the issued discussed at the last Worksession regarding traffic calming.  Attached is a memorandum with his additional information that the Town Administrator will address.
5.    WSSC Improvement Projects
        Decision Required: None.

The Mayor has placed this item on the agenda and will address.

6.    Discussion O-8-11 Spilling Rubbish
        Decision Required: Whether to introduce.

The Town Attorney has drafted the attached ordinance in an attempt to address a citizen complaint that is not covered by the current Town Code.  The Town Administrator attempted to address what is considered a serious environmental issue related to fluid spillage on Town streets, but the current Code does not have any provisions.  The proposed ordinance would establish some criteria to address the matter.

7.    Discussion O-7-11 Amending the Parking Section
        Decision Required: None.
This item was introduced at the September Council Meeting.  The Mayor placed it on the agenda for any further questions or discussion.

8.    Grant Application Process
        Decision Required: Whether to approve.
This item appeared on a previous agenda and attempts to address requests for Town grants.  The Mayor and Council noted that this process would be used in the FY12 Budget year.  The Mayor and Council must approve the process and criteria.

9.  47th Delegation Meeting
        Decision Required: None.
This item was placed on the agenda by the Mayor and he will address.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785
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