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 Maybe when you read this we will have had rain and it will be cooler.  There have been thoughts given to making Winter decorations and we need to get some of our materials together in the early Fall.  Look and save pine cones and acorns and all dried materials.  If you see milkweed pods, save and dry them.  I hope to have some boxwood to show you an example for the November meeting Hands-On Workshop.  We still need an idea for the October Meeting...Help.  Remember that our Mission Statement from 50 years ago still applies.  The purpose of this club shall be to encourage and advance the fine art of gardening and landscaping; the study of horticulture and 982005_25815_0.jpgconservation; and the beautification of our environs.  If you are reading this and are not a member of the club WE INVITE you to come to our meeting on the 19th of September.  That is a Monday, the time is 7:00PM and the place is the 4th floor of the Cheverly United Methodist Church.  Park in the lot...go in the lower door...take the elevator to the 4th floor...turn right...and a quick left...keep going to the Parlor Room.  No Charge unless you join...DRESS very casual.  The Club is 50 years old and we need NEW BLOOD.  Taking that into consideration, we know that a number of new people are interested in other styles of landscaping than what they find in their gardens and that some of us are tired and want change...SO WE ARE LUCKY TO HAVE Gene Sumi from Homestead Gardens speaking. The evening’s topic is “Insight into the Japanese Garden”.  You will gain help and knowledge about creating a Japanese-style garden.  This is an opportunity, in a neighborhood setting, to hear Mr. Sumi.  In Zen philosophy, everything possesses a spirit and you will be introduced to plants that can be grown here.  Give us a chance to meet you, and enjoy what you have to offer and keep the Garden Club active.  There are so many lovely gardens in Cheverly and we need to learn from you.  Remember that if you have a public space planted in front of your home...water and pull a weed.  See you on the 19th and if you have questions call 301-773-1991.  Anne Gardenhour

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785
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