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Cheverly Peace Corner
Welcome to the Cheverly Peace Corner supported by the Cheverly Woman’s Club.

“Imagine all the people, living life in peace…” John Lennon.

Imagine a world where:

•Children practice playground diplomacy, settling their own disputes peaceably, without fighting and without guns.

•The technology for peace is as big a business as the technology for war.

• Rival gang leaders sign a peace treaty and turn their attention to helping youth find jobs.

•Ideological opponents search for common ground on controversial issues, and work together to solve the problem.

•You can attend a university whose whole curriculum specializes in peace studies.

• Political and religious leaders apologize for oppression of racial or ethnic groups, and seek ways to right the wrongs.

• Movies, songs, games, television, books, newspapers, and magazines all portray peaceful resolution of conflicts as the “in” thing—full of drama, excitement, joy, and satisfaction.

• Governments have cabinet-level Departments of Peace.

Can you imagine such a world? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the values of peace were so deep in our culture that they were routinely expressed in these and countless other ways? In fact, many of these are already happening, in small pockets around the world.

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