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Working closely with a local real estate agent and the American Legion the Mayor is looking to assist residents in understanding their recent tax assessments and if needed to appeal it. 
This News and Announcements has three parts: Background, Filing an Appeal, and Information Meetings.  

Background: This information is provided by Dan Puma, the Tax Assessment Supervisor for Prince George's County. 

Property Assessments are revised every three years in Maryland.  Property Assessments are based on recent home sales in the area and include permitted improvements performed on a home.  The "comparable sales" used to evaluate a home's value are selected based on: proximity, type of home, square footage, number of bed rooms, number of bathrooms, lot size, etc. 

This process is automated, so it is possible that some assessments are low, some right on target and some might be high.  Of course the Tax Assessment office makes every attempt to be correct.  

In Prince George's County the average increase in property assessments was 21%, therefore it can be expected that the average increase in Cheverly's will be slightly higher based on the robust real estate market here.  We are working to obtain the average increase for a Cheverly home.  

An assessment is broken into two components: Land Value and Home Value.  The Land Value component for most Cheverly homes was increased from $70,000 to $100,000.  The Assessment office stated that the land component hadn't changed in 15 years, and that a vacant lot in town recently sold for $125,000 driving this change. 

However, the Tax Assessment Office noted that while the Land Component increased people should only focus on the Total Value as this is the value used for comparable sales.   

Filing an Appeal: This information is provided by Dan Puma the Tax Assessment Supervisor for Prince George's County. 

If you believe your assessment in too high, the Tax Assessment Office encourages you to Appeal.  However, you must file your appeal prior to February 12th, there are no exceptions.  

However, please read the bottom of Page 2 of your assessment letter carefully.   Paragraph 6 states: "If you are filing an appeal, a copy of your work sheet and a sales listing" will be sent to you.  You may also obtain worksheets for other comparable properties" (for a $1.00).   The Tax Assessment office wants to get this information delivered to you within in two weeks allowing you to be fully prepared for your appeal.   This is a new process provided by the Tax Assessment office.  So please file your appeal early. 

The Tax Assessment office stated that successful appeals generally were generally based on identifying more accurate comparable sales or providing information regarding you home defects that would affect a the sales price (wet basement, cracks in foundation, etc). 

Information Meetings: Many residents have asked if meetings could be scheduled to learn more and develop strategies for appeals.  Working with Susan Pruden and the American Legion two meetings have been scheduled at the American Legion.  

Thursday, January 18th from 7:00PM to 9:00PM 
Saturday, January  20th from 9:00AM to 11:00AM

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785
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