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Newsletter Policy
Adopted November 13, 2008

The purpose of the Town Newsletter is to provide the Town or its key staff with an opportunity to publish information regarding governmental and community items of public interest. In addition, the Town Newsletter will attempt to provide qualified Town organizations, which serve primarily Cheverly residents and are not part of the Town government, an opportunity to publish their upcoming events as well as articles of public interest in a section so reserved. These guidelines are intended to provide equitable and standardized publication procedures to insure that both the Governmental Section and the Community Section of the Town Newsletter reflects public and group activities of public interest that are focused on the Town of Cheverly.

I.      General Procedures for Publications in the Newsletter

Publications in the Town Newsletter are under the control of the Town Administrator, or his or her designees.   

A.      All submissions (Articles or Notices) to the Newsletter must be provided to the Town staff prior to the deadline set by the Town staff for such submissions. Ordinarily, that deadline shall be the 20th of each month.

B.    The Town Staff has the ability and responsibility to  reject community submissions that do not conform to these guidelines or to make  such general editorial changes to all submissions and to publish them within the Newsletter in the most effective and cost effective manner.  

C.    The Town Administrator has final editorial control of all submissions by the Town staff and elected officials, except for election candidate profiles.

II.     Governmental Section of Newsletter

A.      Submissions Eligible for Publication in the Newsletter

Subject to the below-listed Exclusions and Restrictions, the Governmental Section of the Newsletter will publish submissions by the following organizations and groups:
  • The Mayor and Town Council.
  • Council-appointed committees,
  •         Town committees and Town-Sponsored groups.  (Groups in which the Mayor and Town Council appoint at least one voting    representative in the group.)
B.      Exclusions and Restrictions

1.      In order to publish non-partisan community enrichment, governmental and public interest communications, the following Exclusions and Restrictions apply to all submissions for the Governmental section:

        (a)   The Town shall not accept or publish in the Governmental Section submissions by:
                        Partisan or political groups;
Groups organized primarily for profit;
Private/family groups; and
Fraternal or religious groups and organizations.

(b)    The Governmental section shall not contain:
Paid advertising;
Political, partisan, or personal-cause or religious submissions;
Personal fundraising solicitations for events or event sponsorship including, but not limited to, sales, auctions, raffles or games of chance involving money; or
Language that is offensive or advocates violence or unlawful activity, or poses a threat to public order.

        2.      When a Town Committee or Official sponsored group submits an article to be published, the Town Staff reserves the right to add any information including a byline identifying the author.

3.      If an insert or page is requested by an organization or group and the Town agrees to print it as in the public interest, the costs of printing, folding and mailing will be paid by the submitting group.

III.    Community Events and Articles Section Of Newsletter

In a defined Community Bulletin section separated from the Governmental Section, the Town Newsletter will publish short articles of public interest and notices of events occurring at a specific time and place, provided they are submitted by registered Town Organizations.  

A.      The Town will only consider registering an organization for such service if:

        1.      The general membership of the organization consists of a minimum of eight members;

        2.      The general membership of the organization consists of at least 50% Cheverly residents;
        3.      The organization has a lawful purpose which does not pose a threat to public order, to the safety of the public, or to the safety of any        individual;

        4.      The organization does not have as its primary purpose marketing products or services or making a profit; and

5.      The organization is not part of a separately qualified Town Organization under this section.

B.      To qualify as a Town Organization an authorized representative of the organization must submit to the Town Administrator a statement under oath setting forth, at a minimum: (1) the number of members of the organization, (2) the number of members of the organization who are Cheverly residents, and any other information regarding the above qualifications as well as any other information reasonably necessary to further the aim of this guideline.  

C.      By January 30th of each year, a Town Organization must update the information required above to remain registered as a Town Organization.  The Town Administrator shall issue a written notice or certificate evidencing the registration.

D.      The Town will attempt to publish all submitted notices and articles by a Town Organization.  The number of notices and articles which will be published may be limited on a first-come first-served basis to the extent of available space.  No event may be advertised more than two consecutive months prior to the event.  Articles shall ordinarily be no longer than 500 words, and notices of events no longer than 50 words.

E.      All notices and articles will be subject to a uniform standard font limitation set by the Town Administrator including a limitation on how many times that the Town will accept a notice for the same event.  No notice or article may contain offensive language, advocate violence or unlawful activity, or pose a threat to public order or to persons or their reputation.

Cheverly Executive Offices:   6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785
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