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Vehicle Violations
Abandoned Vehicle

Why was I cited for having an abandoned vehicle? I did not abandon my vehicle.
The Town considers a vehicle to be vbandoned if it is found to be in violation of one or more of the following:

  • Parked over 72 hours in the same location without moving. We do not check every vehicle in the town all the time, but vehicles that remain unmoved for long periods show various signs, including collection of dirt, leaves, and other debris on and around the vehicle. This does not mean that your vehicle will be cited if you go on vacation, however it is a good idea to call the town and let us know.)
  • Parked Inoperable or in a State of Disrepair. Vehicles must be maintained in operable condition and with all required equipment to be legally operated under Maryland Law.
  • Parked Unlicensed, Expired, or without Valid Registration.
This applies to ALL vehicles parked/stored ON or OFF the street.

I have received a Tow Sticker on my vehicle, can I move the vehicle to my driveway?
No, it is prohibited to store a vehicle which is deemed abandoned anywhere within the town, unless it is in an enclosed garage.

Can I place a cover over the abandoned vehicle and keep it?
No, covering of an abandoned vehicle does not change the fact that the vehicle is in violation. Only storing the vehicle in an enclosed garage is acceptable.

What can I do if my vehicle was cited, but I just need a little time to bring the vehicle into compliance?
The town is not out to make you get rid of your vehicle, we are seeking to gain voluntary compliance with the Town Code. If you get a Notice and cannot have the vehicle relocated to another place, contact the Town and request an extension. We will be glad to allow for additional time to bring the vehicle into compliance, provided that the time requested is reasonable.

How can I get rid of a vehicle that was cited for being abandoned?
There are several ways you can get rid of your abandonded vehicle:
  • Donate the vehicle to a charity:
  • Donate your vehicle to the Cheverly Police Department:
        We will be glad to take your donated vehicle and give you a Tax Donation Letter.

Out-of-State Tags

I just moved to Cheverly, can I keep my out-of-state tags?
Maryland law requires that most vehicles be titled and registered in this state if they will be kept here more than sixty (60) days. 

What if I am in the Military, going to school, or my job has temporarily assigned me to work in Maryland?
If you are relocated to Maryland for more than 60 days you will have to obtain a non-resident permit.

A non-resident permit enables a licensed driver to maintain and operate a vehicle with out-of-state registration for more than sixty (60) days in Maryland, without titling and registering it here.

Who is eligible for a non-resident permit?
To obtain a non-resident permit, you must have an out-of-state driver's license and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Student: You are enrolled as a student in an accredited school, college, or university in Maryland, the District of Columbia, or in a bordering state, or you are serving a medical internship in Maryland. Note: medical residents are not eligible for a non-resident permit.
  • Military: You are a member of the armed forces of the United States or of the United State Public Health Service and are serving on active duty in Maryland, an adjoining state, or the District of Columbia.
  • Temporary Employee: You are temporarily employed in Maryland.
  • Visitor: You have a permanent dwelling in another state and are visiting Maryland as a vacationer, to receive medical treatment, or for another legitimate reason.
If you do not meet any of the criteria listed above and you choose to maintain and operate your vehicle in Maryland for more than sixty (60) days, you must either apply for a Maryland title and registration, or apply for dual registration.

How can I obtain a non-resident permit?
Submit a signed Application for Non-Resident Permit, other required documents outlined in Appendix A, and your payment to any full service MVA branch office. Blank applications are available by calling the MVA's Customer Service Center or by visiting any full service MVA branch office.

Non-resident permits may also be processed at the following locations, although an additional service charge may be required at the time of processing:
  • Tag and title service agents authorized by the MVA
  • Towson University Parking Services
  • University of Maryland, College Park Campus Municipal Center
If I have more than one vehicle in Maryland, do I need a non-resident permit for each vehicle?
Yes. You must obtain a non-resident permit for each vehicle.

Do I need a non-resident permit if my parents or someone else owns the vehicle?
Yes.  If the vehicle is not registered in Maryland, regardless of who owns it, and you are housing it in Maryland for more than sixty (60) days, you are required to have a non-resident permit.

I live in Maryland but work for a company in another state that has provided me with a company car. Can I obtain a non-resident permit to maintain and operate the vehicle at my home?
No. You must title and register the vehicle in Maryland, or you may apply for dual registration.

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