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Property Maintenance
The house next door is vacant and the grass hasn’t been mowed since last year, can anything be done?
Yes, Town Code states grass and weeds over 8 inches high are declared to be nuisance and must be cut. The Owner of the property is sent a notice and if the property in not mowed after 10 days, we will have it mowed and charge the owner.

Do I need a permit to clear vegetation or remove trees on my property?
No permit is required to remove a tree off an Improved Residential lot*. However, if you are clearing a wooded lot in a residential area you are required to get a permit.

* All trees and plant located within 11 feet of the curb are considered Town Property and NO work/cutting/trimming should be done by other then the Department of Public Works.

What are the more common violations reported?
Some of the most common violations are grass/weeds over 8 inches tall, bulky trash, litter, substandard structure and abandoned motor vehicles.

If a neighbor's tree hangs over the property line of another neighbor's property can the tree be cut back?
There is no ordinance identifying this problem, but common law considered this a trespass by nuisance and you may cut it back to your property line. As always, we suggest you speak with your neighbor to resolve the issue.

Can a shed be built right next to the property line?
Garden sheds need to meet the setback requirements established by the county zoning district. A garden shed should by placed far enough away from at wall or fence to allow cutting of grass and weeds.

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